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Thirty College Credit Route to NJ High School Diploma

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לוגוstudent success

MyMelamed Student Success program enables students to succeed in reaching their educational goals. Our combination of online materials and live teacher support provides a supportive and enjoyable framework for students of all ages.

Our newest program is designed for adult learners, ages 16 and up, who are not enrolled in a high school with secular studies. As of 2013, the State of New Jersey recognizes 30 college credits in core subjects as an acceptable demonstration of knowledge entitling the student to a state-issued high school diploma.

Included in the 30 general education credits must be a minimum of three credits in each:

  • English language arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social studies

Plus six total credits in any of the following:

  • Visual and performing arts
  • Comprehensive health and physical education
  • World language
  • Technology and 21st century life and careers.


MyMelamed Student Success program now includes a track to support adult learners wishing to gain proficiency in these subjects as preparation to successfully pass college-level courses in those subjects. MyMelamed also provides guidance to students seeking to receive Yeshiva credits for qualifying studies towards the 30-credit fulfillment.

This alternative route to a High School diploma is suitable for adult students who wish to simultaneously earn college credit, thereby shortening the process towards a college degree.

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