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Grades 1-5: Elementary School

Grades 6-8: Middle School

Grades 9-12: High School

School Registration Form for Student Groups

Welcome to Melamed Academy.

This registration form is for Middle and High School students attending by-the-course.

Here is a list of available courses, we recommend that you discuss the details and options available for your students prior to registration.

School Registration Form (see below)

After you complete the form, your enrollment will be processed and a Melamed Academy representative will contact you.

Student List

In addition to the form, please submit a list of students and courses to accompany this order to
Here is a sample template

If you’d like to ask some questions, or see sample lessons, please contact us here: Contact Us!

School Registration Form

Please prepare your payment information, and your school grading periods, to enter in this form.

Thank you for choosing Melamed Academy, and looking forward to a successful year together.