Web Development & CMS

Build a Magazine Website

Design Websites on Google Sites

Manage Templates, Themes, and Plugins

Build an Ecommerce Website

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Melamed Academy’s private network provides a secure and kosher environment for students to practice their website building skills, while ensuring that their web pages remain accessible only to our school’s members.

In this updated Website Programming course, students enjoy learning the basics of internet, Web 2, wikis and blogs. Students gain hands-on practice in website creation in Google Sites and WordPress. This expertise is essential for current jobs in today’s workplace. Mastering this course will provide students with valuable additions to their skill set.

Course Projects:

  • Create a Website
  • Create a Blog
  • Create an Online Portfolio
  • Create a Magazine
  • Create an E-commerce Online Store

Skills Mastered in this Course:

  • Web Technology Fundamentals
  • Content Management Systems
  • Users, Permissions, Logins
  • Working with Images
  • Google Sites
  • WordPress Essential Training
  • WordPress Themes & Plugins
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Payments
  • Site Maintenance, Security, Backups