Shabbos Law II

Shabbos Laws - Level 2

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Shabbos Law II


Laws of Sabbath: Intermediate Level

Objectives:  To prepare for the examination, the candidate is expected to be able to recall terms; give examples; chose the best statement that applies; identify the results of a scenario; distinguish between possibilities; solve problems from vignettes; find errors in a scenario; and design and formulate a solution to a new problem integrating knowledge from several areas and supporting the solution.

Instruction:  The proficiency examination is administered under secure and proctored conditions. Content covered include: Underlying principles and concepts of the laws of Sabbath as found in the Code of Jewish Law, Orach Chayim: melechet machshevet, kil’achar yad, maaseh oman, mekalkel, melacha she’eina tz’richa legufa, psik reisha, psik reisha d’lo nicha lei, psik reisha d’lo ichpat lei, mit’asek, shogeg, shinui, choleh b’shabbat

This course has a value of 3 lower-level undergraduate credits.