Shabbos Law I

Shabbos Laws - Level 1

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Shabbos Law I


Laws of Sabbath: Elementary Level

Objectives:  To prepare for the examination, the candidate is expected to be able to recall terms; give examples; chose the best statement that applies; identify the results of a scenario; distinguish between possibilities; solve problems from vignettes; and find errors in a scenario.

Instruction:  The proficiency examination is administered under secure and proctored conditions. Content covered includes: Underlying principles and concepts of the laws of Sabbath as found in the Code of Jewish Law, Orach Chayim: melacha, mutar, patur, chayav, 39 avot melachot, mishkan, av, tolada, sh’vut, muktzeh, eruvin, hotza’ah, and positive commandments of: zachor, oneg, kavod, prayers.

This course has a value of 3 lower-level undergraduate credits.