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Sales Account Manager




Sales Account Manager

Sales representatives, account managers, and sales specialists develop relationships with prospective customers; effectively promoting their company’s products or services and closing sales. Success is dependent on personal strengths such as self-motivation, time-management, and ability to handle rejection. Effectiveness of presentation and technique can be studied and mastered. Sales jobs are always available since only 8% of the population are suited to sales.

This course trains students about the process and techniques in reaching customers and maximizing sales.

Topics Covered:


  1. Sales skills fundamentals
  2. Business to customer sales (BTC)
  3. Business to business sales (BTB)
  4. Building business relationships
  5. Time management fundamentals
  6. Building a professional network
  7. Working with Sales software: CRM
  8. Enhancing your productivity
  9. Business storytelling
  10. Email a sales pitch with Mail Chimp
  11. Public speaking fundamentals
  12. Connecting with executives
  13. Designing a presentation
  14. Pitching projects & products to executives
  15. Building customer loyalty
  16. Negotiation fundamentals
  17. Conflict resolution fundamentals
  18. Building your resilience
  19. Achieving your goals