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Remedial English Language Arts – High School


Proficiency in English Language Arts is crucial to a student’s success in all subject areas.

Remediation courses improve skills in specific subject areas to advance learners to the appropriate curriculum level for credit bearing course readiness. Each course consists of a series of assessments and prescribes curriculum based on each assessment to determine the level a student needs to reach and help guide and support them to success.

Students receive a placement test upon entering this course. Based on the student’s score, the system prescribes him/her with a customized set of lessons that begin at the point of his/her prior knowledge and skills. The student then continues until reaching the skills necessary for his target grade level.

This program is also utilized by students wishing to skip a grade, or English Language Learners.

Advantages of Melamed Academy’s Remedial Programs:

  • Superior academic resources from leading curricular companies
  • Emphasis on building lifelong academic habits
  • Positive reinforcement and surprises foster motivation
  • Use in school or at home, 24-hour access
  • Can replace a tutor, supplement tutoring sessions, or be used by a tutor
  • Self-paced learning
  • Pretests gauge the student’s level for every skill – no more guesswork!
  • Customized instruction can be reviewed as needed and viewed at the student’s pace
  • Interactive practice with feedback
  • No more frustration – programs will give hints!
  • IEP Implementation
  • Suitable for audio learners, and for English Language Learners
  • Visual interface – no small text
  • Designed with teens in mind


Activities include:

  • Vocabulary building activities and games
  • Grammar lessons with games
  • Proofreading assignments ask students to catch the errors
  • Spelling lessons with games
  • Reading assignments with fun books at the student’s level
  • Guided reading with strategy pointers for building comprehension
  • Books are read aloud, while words are highlighted so students can quickly advance to higher levels
  • Enticing reading libraries with built-in incentive program spurs a love of reading
  • Libraries with full-color informational texts in magazine style advance the student’s general knowledge of science and social studies