Public Speaking

Conquering Speaker Anxiety

Motivating Your Audience

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This year long elective equips students with practical experience in Public Speaking and Speech Writing, along with confidence and techniques.
The course contains more than 140 video lessons and
1000+ automatically graded problems. Immediate feedback allows students to track progress.
Daily assignments, and printable illustrated black & white notes for each topic provide a firm structure for modular study and pracitce.
Topics to help students improve their public speaking skills include: Benefits, history, and theory of communication; Ethical speaking practices; Overcoming speaker anxiety; Speaking inclusively; Audience analysis; Selecting, developing, and researching a topic; Organizing and outlining a speech; Effective speech delivery; Using visual aids.
Study draws on principles of informative and persuasive speeches, including notable speeches from figures such as John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Barbara Jordan, Geraldine Ferraro, and Ronald Reagan.
Prerequisite: Proficiency in presentation software, such as Powerpoint or Google Slides