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Introduction to Public Relations

Course Credit: One semester elective

Course Outline

1. Defining Public Relations
2. History & Growth of Public Relations
3. Communication in Public Relations
4. Public Opinion & Attitudes
5. Management in Public Relations
6. Ethics in Public Relations
7. Law & Public Relations
8. Research Methods in Public Relations
9. Types of Media
10. Employee Relations
11. Government Relations & PR
12. Community Relations & PR
13. International Consumer Relations
14. Effective Writing for Public Relations
15. The Public Relations Plan
16. Integrated Marketing Communications
17. Crisis Management in Public Relations
18. Launching a Career in Public Relations

Course Topics

Defining Public RelationsDefine exactly what public relations is, as well as how it differs from advertising and marketing. Learn more about how communication is involved with public relations.
History & Growth of Public RelationsExplore how the mass media, journalism and propaganda have impacted the history of public relations.
Communication in Public RelationsUnderstand the role of communications in public relations. Additionally, learn about the communication models most frequently used in public relations.
Public Opinion & AttitudesLearn more about public opinion and consumer attitudes. You’ll also study persuasion and how it’s used in public relations.
Management in Public RelationsFind out more about the functions of management and how these apply to public relations.
Ethics in Public RelationsFocus on ethical codes and decision making in the realm of public relations.
Law & Public RelationsFamiliarize yourself with the First Amendment, copyright infringement and communication law.
Research Methods in Public RelationsCompare and contrast the various methods for researching in public relations.
Types of MediaIncrease what you know about the different forms of media that are prevalent today. Ensure that you understand the role the internet plays in communication.
Employee RelationsLearn about the methods for communicating with employees.
Government Relations & PRExplore how the government communicates, as well as the manner that the media reports on the government.
Community Relations & PRFamiliarize yourself with the relationship between a business and the community. Additionally, you’ll find information about social responsibility.
International Consumer RelationsWork on understanding the history of consumerism up to the present day. Learn more about customer relations and public advocacy.
Effective Writing for Public RelationsExamine the steps necessary to write effectively for public relations, including prewriting, self-editing and how to write for your audience.
The Public Relations PlanMake sure you grasp how to develop and present a public relations plan.
Integrated Marketing CommunicationsEnsure that you understand marketing and advertising. You’ll focus on studying the marketing mix and the promotional mix.
Crisis Management in Public RelationsAssess the importance of crisis management in public relations.
Launching a Career in Public RelationsEvaluate how to begin a successful career in public relations. Learn about resumes, cover letters, networking and job interviews.