Professional Development - Student Counseling

Create Programs with Clear Goals

Understand Students' Emotional Conditions

Maintain a Positive Environment

Get a Clear Diagnosis for Students Issues

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Professional Development: Student Counseling


Education: Student Counseling

This course is offered as professional development for educators.

Topics include:

  • Discuss theories of cognitive, social, language, and emotional development
  • Recall stages and processes of physical and motor development
  • Recount factors that can affect human development
  • Describe different theoretical approaches to counseling
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities of school counselors and school counseling programs
  • Explain curriculum development, student assessments, and program evaluations
  • Discuss college, career, individual, and group counseling
  • Name different types of crisis intervention
  • Identify the importance of goal setting and student motivation
  • Outline issues in diversity and equality in school counseling
  • Employ strategies to create diverse learning environments

Course Topics