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Professional Development: Classroom Management


Education: Classroom Management

This course is offered as professional development for educators.

Course Topics

Practical Classroom ManagementEvaluate several classroom management techniques and strategies. Differentiate between behaviorism, constructivism and humanism in terms of practical instructional techniques. Study the educational theories of Wong, Driekurs, Glasser and Ginott, as well as the use of operant conditioning in the classroom.
Psychology & Classroom ManagementExplain Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, as well as other relevant psychological concepts, including attribution theory, expectancy value theory, self-efficacy, self-concept, self-determination theory and learned helplessness in children.
Personal Approach to Classroom ManagementIdentify the characteristics that make teachers effective leaders. Know how teachers develop a personal classroom philosophy, plan instructional procedures, develop classroom designs, develop rapports with students, manage stress, involve parents and work with administrators.
Engagement & Motivation in the ClassroomEvaluate the importance of motivation in the classroom. Understand how student engagement is affected by extracurricular participation. Summarize goal orientation theory and social-cognitive learning theory. Discover strategies that boost student engagement and encourage self-directed learning.
Routines & Technology in the ClassroomStudy typical classroom expectations, as well as normal daily classroom routines and schedules. Evaluate the modern application of technology in educational environments.
Forming Positive Learning EnvironmentsLearn how to create a supportive, respectful, challenging and responsible classroom environment. Study strategies to help students cope with difficult situations.
Addressing Classroom Disciplinary ProblemsKnow how to respond to disciplinary problems in the classroom and prevent instances of bullying/school violence. Study several theories related to classroom discipline and learn how to reduce undesirable classroom behaviors.
Management Strategies for Diverse ClassroomsAnalyze culturally-responsive classroom management strategies. Know how to adapt instruction based on student needs. Study differentiating instruction concepts.