Music Appreciation

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Recognize the Style of Famous Composers

Compose & Record Your Own Tunes

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Course Outline:

Students cover topics on a weekly basis, according to grade level and musical background.

The goal of the course is to familiarize the students with music fundamentals and allow a creative venue for self expression.

Every week, students learn new songs and acquire musical knowledge.

Topics include:

Music Notation

  • Reading and writing music
  • Identifying rhythms and tunes from music notation

Music History

  • Understanding musical styles
  • History of musical instruments and recording devices
  • Music of Dovid Hamelech and the Beis Hamikdash

Instrumental Music

  • Introduction to flute music
  • Introduction to piano music
  • Introduction to guitar music
  • Introduction to percussion instruments

Musical Composition

  • Learning how music is composed and recorded
  • Matching words to a tune
  • Dramatizing songs, stories, and poems
  • Recording students’ original compositions with audio recording tools
  • Writing students’ original compositions with musical notation
  • Composing songs as learning aids

Vocal Music

  • Students learn new songs every week, connected to the weekly parsha or Torah units
  • Students learn about harmony and vocal styles
  • Students record their singing with digital recording devices

Music as a Tool

  • Understanding how music affects mood
  • Identifying tunes as fast/slow, happy/sad
  • Using music as a mnemonic device for remembering facts
  • How music affects the neshamah
  • Tefillah tunes
  • Learning safe and responsible use of music equipment
  • Respecting copyright and royalty requirements when using works of others

Music Vocabulary

  • Learning names and groups of instruments
  • Learning names of musical notes
  • Understanding musical terms such as rhythm, tone, pitch, tempo


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