Middle School Health

Nutrition & Diets

Effects of Vitamins & Drugs

Linking Nutrition & Disease

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This course provides a textual component to fulfill Health/PE graduation requirements. This course also complements Middle School Life Science, as an optional add-on.

Health is based on a rigorously researched scope and sequence that covers the essential concepts of health. Students are provided with a variety of health concepts and demonstrate their understanding of those concepts through problem solving. The five units explore a wide variety of topics that include nutrition and fitness, disease and injury, development, substance abuse, and mental and community health.

Health is a vital subject for students because it affects their very lives. In a few years, they will be running their families according to their Health opinions which they gathered in previous years. School is the unique venue for students to acquire lifelong attitudes about health that are based on solid study and reliable resources. If students do not learn about health issues in school, they lack an authoritative frame of reference when encountering dissenting ideas or challenging circumstances throughout their adult lives.


In this course, students watch videos, read informational texts, and perform independent research in EBSCO’s databases. Their conclusions thus become a part of them, and they advocate their positions on the teacher-led discussion board.

These Health topics are studied and discussed weekly, school wide, with participation of all middle & high school grades. Students also focus on a topic of their choice for a Health project. Projects are displayed in Melamed Academy’s online schoolwide fair at the end of the school year.

Topics for the 2014-15 school year include:

Personal Health; Nutrition & Weight;  Nutrition & Development; Nutrition & Health; Nutrition & Food Chemicals, Freshness, and Storage; Personal Fitness; Endocrine System, Metabolism, and Personal Habits; Disease & Prevention; Infection & Prevention; Injury & Prevention; Infant & Child Growth and Fragility;  Human Growth & Development – Teen;  Human Development Cycle – Adult and Aging; Maternal Health & Pregnancy; Substance Effects and Abuse; Drug Effects and Abuse; Recognizing Addiction; Mental Health – Maintenance; Mental Health – Conditions and Treatment; Public Health and Vaccination; First Aid; CPR and Emergency Procedures; Water Safety; About Doctors and their Specialties; Looking at Alternative Medicine; Vitamins, Herbs, and Dietary Supplements;  Environmental Hazards;  About Smoking; Dental Health; Peer Pressure and Our Health; Chronic Health Conditions