Elementary Modern Hebrew

Modern Hebrew - Level 1

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Modern Hebrew – Elementary


Elementary Modern Hebrew

To prepare for the examination, the candidate is expected to be able to read vocalized and unvocalized texts, write page-long compositions and comprehend simple reading passages; understand the consonant and vowel systems, their divisions and characteristics; analyze Hebrew words as to their roots, prefixes and suffixes; identify parts of speech; inflection of verbs and nouns; translate English sentences into Hebrew, use the pronominal form, switch statements into questions, switch singular sentences into plural form, and write 120 word essay on one of three topics.

Instruction:  The proficiency examination is administered under secure and proctored conditions. Content covered includes:  Hebrew alphabet, writing system (print and cursive), sound system, simple and complex language constructions, elementary grammar and a vocabulary of approximately 600 words.

This course has a value of 3 lower-level undergraduate credits.