Math 8 / Pre-Algebra

Learn the Logic of Algebra

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Build Bar Graphs & Interpret Data

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Real Life Applications

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This full year course is aligned to Common Core standards and prepares students to excel in standardized math tests.

Video tutorials and interactive examples, complete with real world application, ensure students advance their mathematical knowledge in key areas: Simplifying algebraic expressions; solving linear equations and inequalities; operations with integers and rational numbers; relating equations, tables, and graphs; properties of exponents; square roots; Pythagorean Theorem; ratio, proportion, and percents; geometry including relationships between lines, angles, and polygons; 2 and 3-dimensional measurement including perimeter, area, volume, and surface area, statistics and data displays; probability; graphing functions, writing the equation of a line; adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials.

Online assessment tools provide teachers and parents with real-time data on students’ competencies, ensuring that areas of weakness are strengthened before test dates.