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This full-year participatory course is beneficial to all students, especially those seeking positive role modeling for adult life.
Units walk the student through common life events, their standard play outs, and the opportunities they offer for decision making. Many life events are anticipated and planned; however, a person may still be surprised by some unknown aspects. Also, many life scenarios are unanticipated and even dreaded. In this course, students gain the tools to manage both the expected and unexpected turns of life. Students also become aware how a person contributes to his own outcomes through his behavior, choices, and decisions.

Course modules are interactive simulations for case study characters. Students are called upon to advise on solutions and problem solve, based on information learned in the course. Discussion boards are a teacher-led forum providing an exchange of ideas between classmates.

Course topics include: On the Job; Attitude; Phone Calls at Work; The Customer Comes First; Yearly Job Review;Moving On, A Second Chance; Job Hunt; A New Job; Education; Getting through College; Taking Tests; Overcoming Road Blocks; The Payoff; Friends; Shopping; Expecting a Baby; Doctor Visits; Child Care; New Challenges; Household Repairs; Choices about Possessions; Making a Major Purchase; Saving for Dreams; Getting Paid; Moving House;
House for Sale; Closing a Deal; New Starts

This course is also suitable for Special Education.