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Interior Design


 Interior Design Basics & Principles

Course Topics

  • Basics of interior design
    • What is an Interior Designer? Importance of Color in DesignWhat is a Color Scheme? – Definition, Types & Examples

      Interior Design & Color Schemes

      What is Color Management? – Tools & Systems

      Interior Design Presentation Boards

      What is Residential Interior Design?

      What is Commercial Interior Design?

      Bubble Diagrams in Architecture & Interior Design

      Achromatic Color Scheme in Interior Design

  • Color and applied color theories
    • What is Color Theory? – Definition, Basics & Examples
    • History of Color TheoryColor Theory & Emotions

      Wassily Kandinsky’s Color Theory

      Albert Munsell’s Color Theory

      Bauhaus Color Theory

      Josef Albers: Color Theory, Artwork & Quotes

      Young-Helmholtz’s Trichromatic Theory of Color Vision

      Goethe’s Color Theory

      Additive Color: Theory & Definition

      Subtractive Color: Theory, Definition & System

      Opponent Process Theory of Color Vision

  • Color systems
    • What is a Color Model? – Uses & Definition
    • Color Space: Definition & ConversionWhat is a Color Wheel? – Definition & Types

      How to Read & Use a Color Wheel

      Who Invented the Color Wheel?

      Teaching Color Theory

      Color Theory & Interior Design

  • Space planning
    • What is Space Planning? – Basics & Architecture
    • Interior Design & Space PlanningOffice Space Planning: Guidelines & Standards

      Library Space Planning

      Warehouse Space Planning

      Crawl Space Planning

  • Culture and color
  • Textile basics
    • What are Textiles?
    • What is a Textile Designer?What is Textile Engineering?

      What is Textile Production?

      What is a Textile Factory & Mill?

      Textile Mills: Process & Products

      Textile Manufacturing: Machines & Equipment

      What is Quality Control in Textile?

      What is Textile Art?

      Industrial Textile Products

      What is Textile Recycling? – Process

      Textile Care Symbols

      Types of Textile Design

      Alizarin: Structure, Properties & Preparation

  • Styles in interior design and architecture
    • Colonial Interior Design: British, Spanish & Dutch
    • Colonial Kitchen & Fireplace DesignsGeorgian Colonial Architecture & Interior Design

      Colonial Revival Interior Design

      Victorian Interior Design: Style & Elements

      Victorian Interior Design History

      Victorian Kitchen & Bathroom Design

      Federal Style Furniture

      Art Deco Interior Design History

      Byzantine & Romanesque Design

      Gothic Interior Design

      Rococo Interior Design: Style & Elements

      Tudor-Style Homes: Characteristics, Design & Interiors

  • Types of Furniture: Categories & Examples
  • Dining Room Furniture: Styles & ExamplesImportance of Furniture in Interior Design

    What is a Baldachin? – Definition, History & Architecture

    Furniture Legs & Feet: Cabriole, Claw-and-Ball & Bracket

    Furniture Legs & Feet: Ball, Bun, Cloven & Club

    Furniture Legs & Feet: French, Scrolled, Splayed & Turned

    History of the Furniture Industry

    Roman Furniture History

    History of Furniture Casters

    20th Century American Furniture: History & Styles

    16th Century English Furniture: History & Styles

    15th Century English Furniture: History & Styles

    18th Century French Furniture: History & Styles

    18th Century English Furniture: History & Styles

    17th Century French Furniture: History & Styles

    19th Century American Furniture: History, Designers & Styles

    19th Century French Furniture: History & Styles

    1920s Furniture: History & Styles

    1930s Furniture: History & Styles

    Early Middle Ages Furniture: History & Design

    Victorian Furniture: History & Styles

    Ancient Egyptian Furniture: History & Design

    Duncan Phyfe: Furniture & Style

    Jacobean Era Furniture: History & Characteristics

    Colonial Furniture: History & Characteristics

    History of Bauhaus Furniture

    Bauhaus Furniture: Characteristics, Style & Designers

    Chippendale Furniture: History & Style

    Pennsylvania Dutch Furniture: Characteristics & History

    Sheraton Furniture: History, Style & Characteristics

    William & Mary Furniture: History & Characteristics

    Regency Period Furniture: History & Characteristics

    Gustav Stickley: Biography, Furniture & Quotes

    American Furniture Styles: History & Examples

    English Furniture Styles: History & Examples

    Dutch Furniture: History & Characteristics

    Greek Furniture: History & Style

    Japanese Furniture: History & Style

    Moroccan Interior Design: History, Style & Elements

    Moroccan Architecture: Style & Elements

    Postmodern Furniture: History & Design

    American Country Furniture: History & Design

    French Country Furniture: History & Design

    Spanish Furniture: History & Styles

    Art Deco Furniture: History & Style

    Rococo Furniture: History & Style

    Queen Anne Furniture: History, Characteristics & Facts

    Eastlake Furniture: History & Style

    Arts and Crafts Movement Furniture

    Biedermeier Period: Furniture & Design

    What is Highboy Furniture? – Definition & History

    What is an Eames Chair? – History & Design

    American Empire Furniture: Style & Characteristics

    Art Nouveau Furniture: History & Characteristics

    Famous Art Nouveau Furniture Designers

    Klismos Chair: Definition, Types & History

    William & Mary Style: Furniture & Characteristics