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High School Torah Studies – Boys



Course Level: Grades 9-12

High School Torah Studies provides a composite Torah education suitable for 9th – 12th grade students.

It is not necessary to have advanced Hebrew reading and translating skills. Reading lessons and translation support tools are provided in the standard track.

Advanced track available for students with a text-intensive program.

Torah studies courses are counted as high school elective credits.

College credit:

An amazing benefit is available to Melamed Academy students – college credit for advanced level Torah studies.

Students can earn credits in the following subjects:

  • 15 credits in Hebrew Language
  • 6 credits in Jewish History
  • 18 credits in Hilchos Shabbos and Hilchos Kashrus
  • 3 credits in Pirkei Avos – Jewish Ethics
  • 15 credits in Chumash
  • 9 credits in Gemara
  • 18 credits in Torah Reading and Chazanus

Credit is earned by taking a proctored final exam in the designated subject. Dual-credit fees apply.

Additional college credit subjects available upon request.

Course Style:
Course style is independent study with optional periodic webinar lessons, in group and individual format.

Melamed Academy teachers supervise the students’ progress, provide feedback to students and updates to parents.

Students receive weekly assignments to complete in varied subjects and formats.

Students listen to audio/video presentations, study with interactive computer lessons, and read text in the original Hebrew with translation and audio provided. Students acquire Torah knowledge, develop Hebrew and Torah skills, and incorporate their learning into daily practice and personal growth.

Learning comes alive when students discuss contemporary topics and watch videos of  Torah events, such as Hachnasas Sefer Torah, Selichos at the Kosel, Lag Baomer at Meron, and more virtual field trips from around the Jewish world.


The subjects covered in High School Torah Studies include:


GemaraGemara skills, and Gemara b’kiyus. Gemara with Rashi and Tosfos. Option for advanced shiur or lessons with private Rebbe.
MishnayosLearn a perek per week. Recommended, but not required, for students studying Gemara.
Torah ReadingLearn ta’amei hamikra (leining). Choice of Ashkenazic or Sephardic practice.
TefillaLearn explanations of the different parts of the davening. Biurei tefillah, and practicing fluency.
ChumashLearn Pesukim with Rashi, translations, understand the topic, learn the words. Learn about a few topics every week.
ParshaEvery week learn the Parshah events, focus on specific themes, share chidos/riddles, share a Dvar Torah for the Shabbas seudah, complete a worksheet.

Learn the Haftarah’s connection to the Parsha.

NaviLearn the weekly Haftarah and its eternal message to us.

Learn a story in order of Navi (Prophets), in-text study, focus on the story and significance of events

Hashkafah – Jewish PhilosophyLearn the Torah outlook on life through shiurim, text-study, and discussions.

Learn contemporary topics and their ramifications for Torah Jews.

Topics include: self-definition, true leadership qualities, response to tragic events, becoming a better person, and maintaining a positive attitude.

HalachaHilchos Kashrus and Hilchos Shabbos. Also ,Halachos of Yomim Tovim and special seasons.
Jewish YearLearn about the Yomim Tovim and special days, months of the Jewish year.
Mitzvos & Jewish KnowledgeLearn about a Mitzvah related to season or Parsha.

Enhance basic Jewish knowledge with worksheets and projects according to themes.

Eretz IsraelLearn about the different places in Eretz Israel, watch tours and video visits.
Hebrew ReadingRead a short story in Hebrew, answer questions about the story. Students submit fluency recordings, and advance in speed and accuracy.
Hebrew WritingHebrew writing assignment every week, with assigned topics, different styles of writing….
Conversational Hebrew VocabularyEvery week learn a new unit and practice the previous words. Record conversations.
Hebrew GrammarLearn the Hebrew dikduk (grammar rules)
Pirkei Avos-MiddosLearn a Mishnah with its ethical applications. Midos workshop: Apply to our own daily life.
Jewish HistoryLearn the Mesorah from Moshe Rabbeinu to Tanaim, Amoraim, Rishonim, Acharonim and modern day.

Learn the history of the world, and the intersection of Jewish and world events.

Special unit on the Holocaust.

TzadikimLearn about historical and contemporary Torah personalities and lessons we learn from them.
Live LessonsOptional add-on for private tutoring lessons with the teacher
Contests & PrizesStudents who complete their weekly work receive prizes