Health Information Technology Fundamentals

Patient Centered Medial Care

How Healthcare Developed Until Today

Decipher Medical Records Terminology

Dealing with Web-Educated Patients

Health Information Technology Foundations


This course offers an overview of healthcare, health information technology, and health information management systems. The focus is on the role and responsibilities of entry-level health IT specialists in each phase of the health information management systems lifecycle. The curriculum is aligned to the new Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) certification administered by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. This certificate is designed for students who have previous experience in IT or healthcare and it is designed to serve as a pathway into health IT careers.
Topics Covered:
  • Healthcare Environment
    • Healthcare Delivery Organizations
    • Healthcare Payment Systems
    • Roles of Healthcare Professionals
    • Government Regulation
  • Technology Environment
    • Health IT Applications
    • Electronic Health and Medical Records
    • Clinical and Financial Applications
    • Consumer Health informatics
    • Systems Architecture and Components
    • Healthcare Data Exchanges and Standards
  • HIMS Analysis and Design
    • Clinical Process and Workflow Analysis
    • Business, User and Technical Requirements
    • Usability and Human Factors
    • Systems Analysis, Planning and Design
    • Project Management
  • HIMS Selection and Acquisition
    • Systems Selection
    • Systems Acquisition
    • Interoperability Standards and Certification
  • Hims Implementation and Management
    • Systems Implementation
    • End-user Training and Support
    • Systems Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Privacy and Security
    • Privacy, Security and Confidentiality Policies
    • IT Security Principles and Strategies
    • Security Risk Management and Disaster
  • Leadership and Planning
    • Leadership and Change Management
    • Quality Standards
    • IT Strategic Planning
  • Professionalism and Communication Skills
    • Business and Communications Ethics
    • Teams and Team building
    • Professionalism and Customer Service


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