Fraud Examination

Pirates Steal Intellectual Property

Beware of Hackers

Black Hat Hatters Are Evildoers

Fraud Risks in Credit Transactions

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Fraud Examination

Course Credit: One semester high school elective. Excellent companion to Accounting or Bookkeeping course.

Course Outline


  • Basic accounting
  • Occupational fraud
  • Intellectual property and data theft
  • Payment and financial institution fraud
  • Insurance and health care fraud
  • Consumer fraud, internet fraud and computer fraud
  • Procurement and contract fraud
  • Laws relating to fraud and rights of an individual during fraud examinations
  • Bankruptcy, securities fraud, tax fraud and money laundering
  • The criminal justice and civil justice systems
  • Principles of evidence and testifying in court
  • Fraud investigations and document analysis
  • Interview theory for fraud examiners
  • Covert examination techniques
  • Reporting tools and data analysis for fraud examiners
  • Illicit transactions and digital forensics
  • Fraud examination report writing
  • White collar crime and criminal behavior
  • Corporate governance and fraud-related responsibilities of auditors and managers
  • Managing fraud risk
  • Fraud examiner professional ethics