First Aid & Safety

Rules About Emergencies

Emergency Aid in Natural Disasters

How to Help in a Mass-Casualty Emergency

First Aid & Safety


First aid and safety

In this course, students learn and practice first aid procedures for a variety of common conditions, including muscular, skeletal, and soft tissue injuries. In addition, students learn how to appropriately respond to a variety of emergency situations. They also learn the procedures for choking and CPR for infants, children, and adults. In addition to emergency response, students will explore personal, household, and outdoor safety, and disaster preparedness.

Unit 1: Safety & Injury Prevention
• Personal Health
• Personal Safety
• Preparedness
Unit 2: Basic First Aid
• Emergencies & Disasters
• Introduction to First Aid
• Rules and Procedures
• Assessing the Victim
Unit 3: Muscle & Skeletal Injuries
• Muscle Injuries
• Skeletal Injuries
Unit 4: Soft Tissue Injuries
• Cuts and Contusions
• Hot and Cold Emergencies
• Bites, Stings, and Allergic Reactions
Unit 5: Life Threatening Injuries
• CPR, AED, and Choking
• Stroke and Heart Attack
• Other Emergencies