English 8: Reading, Language, Writing

Word Usage

Expand Vocabulary in Focused Lessons

Enjoy Varied Literary Selections

Spelling Practice with a Reading Passage

Reading Comprehension Techniques

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English 8 extends the skills developed in English 7 through detailed study of parts of sentences and paragraphs to understand their importance to good writing. Students also acquire study skills such as time management and improved test-taking strategies. Other topics include punctuation, word choice, syntax, varying of sentence structure, subordination and coordination, detail and elaboration, effective use of reference materials, and proofreading.

A variety of literary selections, full length classics, biographies, and opinion pieces on contemporary issues encourage students to hone their literary analysis skills, and understand the elements of plot, character, historical context, and themes.

Literature has been finely selected in order to meet suitability for the Torah community.


  • Literature
  • Books
  • Short Stories
  • Reading Strategies
  • Vocabulary & Reading Comprehension
  • Informational Text
  • Nonfiction, History, Biography, Narratives, Essays
  • Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Plays
  • Poems and Inspirational Text
  • Persuasive Tests, Marketing, Media
  • Journalism, Opinions, Editorials, News
  • Real World Texts, Applications, Bank Statements, Bills

Language Arts:

  • Graphic Organizers for Literature Analysis and Writing
  • Weekly Writing Prompts
  • Essay Development
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Weekly Spelling Units
  • Vocabulary Development
  • Proofreading Your Work
  • Speed and Fluency in Writing
  • Grammar and Usage


  • Memoir
  • Historical Episode
  • Biography
  • Short Story
  • Responses to Literature
  • Research Report
  • How to Guide
  • Explanatory Essay
  • Editorial
  • Speech
  • Timeline
  • Infographic
  • Journalistic News Report