Elementary Health

Discover Human Needs for Healthy Living

Learn About the Body and Senses

Learn About Food Groups

It's Fun to Learn About Dental Health

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Elementary Health is a section of the Elementary Science course, in which students study weekly units about Health.

Every week, students have a Health lesson with a presentation and interactive review, followed by a project or activity.

Curriculum Outline for Elementary Health:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Health

Lesson 2: Community Physical Activity Options

Lesson 3: Healthy Community

Lesson 4: Introduction to Media Influence

Lesson 5: Advertising Food and Drink

Lesson 6: Personal Goal Setting

Lesson 7: Healthy Living

Lesson 8: Time Management

Lesson 9: Sleep

Lesson 10: Food Groups and the Food Guide Pyramid

Lesson 11: Growing Essentials

Lesson 12: Reading Nutrition Labels

Lesson 13: Fruits and Vegetables Inside and Out

Lesson 14: Safety in the Kitchen

Lesson 15: The Importance of Breakfast

Lesson 16: Snack Math

Lesson 17: Food is Our Energy Source and More

Lesson 18: The Importance of Water

Lesson 19: Effects of Alcohol

Lesson 20: Making Healthy Choices in a Restaurant

Lesson 21: Food Storage and Expiration Dates

Lesson 22: Active Every Day

Lesson 23: Cardiovascular Health

Lesson 24: Stretching

Lesson 25: Importance of Exercise

Lesson 26: Health Risks and Cost of Tobacco Use

Lesson 27: How Disease Happens

Lesson 28: Healthy Alternatives to Smoking

Lesson 29: Secondhand Smoke

Lesson 30: Vaccinations

Lesson 31: Medicine