Online Marketing

Using Amazon and Ebay

Building an Online Storefront

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Ecommerce Specialist



Ecommerce Ecommerce Specialist


  • Math, Computer Operations, Internet Website basic skills
  • Enjoys enhancing one’s computer competencies 
  • Familiarity with business operations
  • Innovative personality
  • Enjoys calculations and strategic thinking
  • Thrives on the constant rhythm of online sales
  • Flexible thinker, able to switch course and adapt to an ever-evolving business landscape


  1. Ecommerce Core Concepts
  2. Build an Ecommerce Website
  3. Product Photography
  4. Engaging Customers
  5. WordPress
  6. Drupal
  7. Magento
  8. Shopify
  9. Paypal
  10. SEO Fundamentals
  11. Google Analytics
  12. Online Shopping Cart
  13. Online Payments
  14. Conversion Rate Optimization
  15. Selling on Amazon
  16. Ebay for Buyers
  17. Ebay for Sellers
  18. Competitive Strategy Fundamentals
  19. Entrepreneurship Fundamentals
  20. Logistics, Shipping
  21. Email Marketing and MailChimp
  22. Affiliate Marketing
  23. Mobile Marketing Fundamentals
  24. Advanced Newest Ecommerce Products & Tips
  25. Business Projections with Excel

Required Software & Materials:

Students receive access to Melamed Academy’s website practice environments, in which they create ecommerce websites. Students receive access to email marketing programs, and a one month access to Excel.

End of Course Certifications & Proficiency:

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to create ecommerce websites and manage ecommerce businesses.  This course also prepares students for industry certification exams to become a Certified E-Commerce Manager (CECM): E-Commerce Managers are masters at developing and executing web marketing and e-commerce strategies and operations. They understand customer and organizational needs and define and manage the goals and needs of the site.