Earth & Space Science

Build Your Own Coral Reef!

Understand Plate Tectonics

Get Answers to the Planets' Mysteries!

Peel Back Layers of Earth

Why Do Earthquakes Occur in Certain Regions?

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Earth & Space Science


This full-year Science course surveys basic physical sciences such as geology, biology, meteorology, oceanography, astronomy, botany, and physics and their impact on the earth. Students are guided to a better understanding of how the earth and the universe are structured.

This High School Science subject comes alive in this interactive 3D course.
Students experiment in Melamed Academy’s virtual labs and perform experiments and observations.
Multimedia enhancements include self-directed virtual tours of rainforests, tundra, and oceans.
3D Space Exploration programs expand students’ vistas and provide many hours of discovery.

Virtual field trips to the Smithsonian and NASA bring the course alive.

This course is also recommended for Remedial Science.