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Cert Prep: AMA Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing

Master online marketing and pass the American Marketing Association Professional Certified Marketer, Digital Marketing exam to prove you have a command of skills that will help you stand out in the industry. This Learning Path is endorsed by the AMA and is your preparation guide for the exam.

Learn in-demand social media, SEO, and content marketing skills.

Test your knowledge with the AMA certification exam.

Enhance your learning with hands-on exercise files.


This course is a full high school credit. Requires homework.

Course Modules:

Online Marketing Foundations 

Learn today’s online marketing techniques and find out how how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display.


Content Marketing Foundations 

Learn how to develop, implement, and measure a successful content marketing strategy.


Mobile Marketing Foundations 

Make sure your marketing campaigns keep up with the pace of mobile. Learn how to prep your website and emails for mobile visitors, launch SMS campaigns, advertise on mobile, and much more.


Google AdWords Essential Training 

Set up your first AdWords campaign and learn how to get more visitors to your website and more value from your PPC spend.


AdWords and Analytics: Remarketing 

Every visitor is a potential customer. Learn how to retarget visitors and increase conversions via remarketing with Google AdWords and Analytics.


Content Marketing: Staying Relevant 

Keep your content marketing efforts current. Learn how to stay on top of trends, craft personalized content, and create a lasting relationship with your customers.


Content Marketing: Blogs 

Start blogging to connect with customers and market your business online.


SEO Foundations 

Master the foundational concepts of search engine optimization. Learn the strategy behind great SEO, including keyword planning, content optimization, link building, and SEO for ecommerce, local search, and mobile audiences.


SEO: Keyword Strategy 

Learn how to research keywords, apply them to your website, and create ad campaigns around keywords. Increase your site traffic and better understand your user’s intent with keywords.


Social Media Marketing: Managing Online Communities 

Learn how to build your online community with these small business marketing strategies centered on social media, content marketing, and branding.


Facebook Marketing: Advertising 

Amplify your social media marketing campaigns with Facebook advertising. Learn how to budget, create, place, and manage Facebook ads.


Marketing and Monetizing on YouTube 

Learn how to create a winning presence and earn revenue from your videos on YouTube.


Social Media Marketing: Facebook and Twitter 

This course empowers you to craft, implement, measure, and optimize a winning social media marketing strategy. Learn how to promote brands, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter.


LinkedIn for Business 

Discover how to accomplish your sales, marketing, branding, lead-gen, or recruiting goals on LinkedIn. Grow your business and expand your visibility online.


Optimizing Marketing Emails 

Increase your open and click-through rates. Get email marketing tips to turn your generic newsletters and eblasts into optimized, personalized emails that your customers actually want to read.


Content Marketing: Newsletters 

This covers the best practices for using email newsletters in your content marketing efforts.


Introduction to Web Design and Development 

New to web design? Find out if it’s right for you. Learn how to get started in web design, how to choose the right tools, and what you should learn next.


Learning Conversion Rate Optimization 

Testing website pages to improve conversions is a core practice in digital marketing. This course provides a detailed, actionable framework for all conversion rate optimization efforts.


Google Analytics Essential Training 

Learn how to use Google Analytics to find out how your website is performing. Discover how to use this powerful platform to measure site traffic, ad performance, and social media activity.


Advanced Google Analytics 

Learn to customize filters, tags, segments, and even the data that flows into Google Analytics, to generate better reports about your web traffic and make more intelligent decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts.


Content Marketing ROI 

Learn how to move beyond vanity metrics such as likes and page views to definitively prove how content marketing affects your bottom line.


Course does not include exam. See more about the AMA exam here

This course is endorsed by the AMA.