Computer Programming: Development, Files, Databases

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Computer Programming: Development, Files, Databases


Computer Programming: Development, Files, Databases is an advanced course for the serious student who seeks a challenge, and envisions a future career in Software Engineering/Computer Programming.

Melamed Academy provides a completely secure and sheltered environment for students to learn and master valuable technology skills. Students are provided with a coding environment, and private websites in which to practice, do their homework exercises, and test their codes. This entire course experience takes place without ever needing to see the general internet. Additionally, all of the students’ work, applications, and websites remain shielded from viewers on the general internet.

In this course, students study the powerful programming languages used by websites and applications: PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Course Projects for Python: 

  • Create a Calculator
  • Create a Dictionary
  • Program a Supermarket
  • Build a Battleship Game
  • Write Data to a File

Course Projects for PHP:

  • Build Dynamic Webpages
  • Send Cookies
  • Talk to Databases
  • Create a Variable
  • Let the Machine Do the Math

Course Projects for Ruby:

  • Create a Histogram
  • Create a Virtual Computer
  • Create an Online Banking Program


Course Syllabus:

Python –

  • Syntax
  • Strings and Console Output
  • Date & Time
  • Conditionals & Control Flow
  • Create Functions
  • Lists & Dictionaries
  • Loops
  • Statistics
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Classes
  • File Input/Output

PHP – 

  • Php for Web Design
  • Php with MySQL
  • SQL Essentials
  • Foundations of Object Oriented Programming
  • Control Flow If/Else
  • Control Flow/Switch
  • Arrays, Advanced Arrays, Data Structures
  • Loops: For, For Each
  • Loops: While, Do While
  • Using and Defining Functions
  • Using and Creating Objects
  • Performing Calculations
  • Validating and Processing Forms


  • Intro to Ruby
  • Control Flow
  • User Input
  • Loops & Iterators
  • Arrays & Hashes
  • Create a Histogram
  • Blocks & Sorting
  • Algorithms
  • Hashes & Symbols
  • Refractoring
  • Blocks, Procs, Lambdas
  • More about Object Oriented Programming


  • Computer Programming:  Web Fundamentals HTML & CSS
  • Computer Programming: Animation & User Interaction

A full year honors level course. This course counts as ten credits.