Citizenship - Primary Grades

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor

Wright Brothers Succeed in Flying - With Great Effort

Would You Have Helped Slaves Escape?

Helen Keller Overcame her Obstacles - Let's Visit Her Home!

Lincoln Bravely Fought Evil - His Ideas Live On

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Citizenship – Primary Grades


Citizenship – Primary Grades

Melamed Academy Elementary School students study Citizenship as part of their Social Studies curriculum. These important life lessons are best absorbed when studied as units containing active role-play and real life scenarios. Mastering these behaviors is a process with results evident over time, following much review and practice. Coupled with these Citizenship units, Melamed’s full-time students study the Torah Studies’ Middos (Character) lessons.

Lesson Structure:

  • Quotes to Share
  • Literature Selections
  • Historical Role Models
  • Vocabulary for Building Character
  • Learning through Play
  • Integrated Activities


Citizenship – Lesson Units

Lesson 1: Do the Right Thing
This unit tells the story of Abraham Lincoln and discusses dependability, self-control, and self-discipline; emphasizes the importance of accepting the consequences of one’s actions; discusses honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty; emphasizes the importance of keeping one’s word and exercising good judgment.

Lesson 2: Be a Good Friend
This unit tells the story of Florence Nightingale and discusses compassion, kindness, and friendship; emphasizes the importance of listening to, sharing with, and encouraging others; stresses the need for courtesy, manners, and civility at school and in the community.

Lesson 3: Be a Good Citizen
This unit tells the story of George Washington and discusses patriotism, cooperation, community service, and hard work; protecting the environment and natural resources, and obeying laws and rules; explores the traits that make someone a good neighbor.

Lesson 4: Treat Everyone Fairly
This unit tells the story of Helen Keller and discusses equality, humility, and sportsmanship; explores the concept of basic human rights; emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and remembering the Golden Rule.

Lesson 5: Respect All People
This unit tells the story of Harriet Tubman and discusses tolerance, diversity, understanding, and unity; emphasizes the importance of appreciating differences and the necessity for respecting and obeying those in authority.

Lesson 6: Do Your Best
This unit tells the story of the Wright Brothers and discusses commitment, determination, patience, and resourcefulness; emphasizes the importance of putting forth one’s best effort, striving for excellence, and adapting to new situations; encourages optimism, confidence, and pride in students.