Citizenship - Grades 3-5

Galileo - Scientific Integrity

Determination Brought Man to the Moon

Grimm Brothers Taught with Tales

Victory after World War 2

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Citizenship – Grades 3-5


Citizenship – Grades 3-5

Melamed Academy Elementary School students study Citizenship as part of their Social Studies curriculum. These important life lessons are best absorbed when studied as units containing active role-play and real life scenarios. Mastering these behaviors is a process with results evident over time, following much review and practice. Coupled with these Citizenship units, Melamed’s full-time students study the Torah Studies’ Middos (Character) lessons.

Lesson Structure:

  • Quotes to Share
  • Literature Selections
  • Historical Role Models
  • Vocabulary for Building Character
  • Learning through Play
  • Integrated Activities


Citizenship – Lesson Units

Unit 1 : RESPONSIBILITY – This unit tells the story of Anne Sullivan, who took upon herself the great responsibility of teaching and caring for Helen Keller. Other topics associated with the topic of responsibility include dependability, accountability, punctuality, self control, and self discipline; the topic emphasizes the importance of accepting the consequences of one’s actions.

Unit 2 : RESPECT – This unit tells the story of Mohandas Gandhi, who, without ever holding public office, achieved independence for India. Gandhi fought for all cultural groups and religions in his country to respect each other, including the “untouchable” classes that exist even today. Related topics include tolerance, diversity, understanding, and unity. This unit also emphasizes the importance of appreciating differences and the necessity for respecting and obeying those in authority.

Unit 3 : CARING – This unit tells the story of Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who from humble beginnings gained worldwide renown for her humanitarian efforts in caring for the poor in India and, through efforts under her direction, around the world. Related topics include compassion, kindness, friendship, gratitude, and consideration. This unit also emphasizes the importance of listening to, sharing with, and encouraging others.

Unit 4 : INTEGRITY – This unit tells the story of Abraham Lincoln, the American president who, in spite of great odds and differences of opinion, guided the United States through the Civil War. Known as Honest Abe, the first president to be assassinated was mourned by the entire nation and is today considered among America’s greatest presidents. Related topics include honesty, trustworthiness, and loyalty. This unit emphasizes the importance of keeping one’s word and exercising good judgment. It also encourages students to have the courage to stand up for what they believe is right.

Unit 5 : FAIRNESS – This unit looks at the lives and accomplishments of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Wright Brothers to discuss equality, humility, and sportsmanship. It explores the concept of justice in terms of law, civil rights, and basic human rights; it also emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and following the Golden Rule.

Unit 6 : PERSEVERANCE – This unit tells the story of George Washington who, together with his army, spent a terrible winter at Valley Forge during the American Revolution. It emphasizes the importance of putting forth one’s best effort, striving for excellence, and adapting to new situations; and encourages optimism, confidence, and pride in students. Related topics include diligence, patience, commitment, determination, and resourcefulness.