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Melamed Academy utilizes the acclaimed Chromebooks for Education platform to provide students with a safe learning environment, even while connected to the internet.  Melamed’s technical team utilizes powerful administrator controls  to remotely pre-program every computer’s settings before it reaches the student.

Setup for Melamed Chromebooks is designed to ease the student’s study, while also serving as an internet filter. Every setting can be tailored to the student’s need, enabling different settings for every class. For example, the student’s login triggers the browser to open tabs with each curricular program needed for that specific course.  Passwords don’t need to be reentered every time, as all data is saved under the user’s profile.

Even the device settings can be configured to match the student’s maturity. The USB port can be open or blocked; access to the Chrome Web Store can be limited to a preselected group of apps. Also, the list of permitted websites is tailored to the courseload of the specific student. In this way, students benefit from a learning environment free of distractions and safe from unwanted exposure.

Multiple students can use the same Chromebooks, in individual sessions. As each student logs in with a unique email address ID, he accesses his personal account. Chromebooks are lightweight, fitting easily on a student’s school desk. With their ten-second boot up, no time needs to be lost during the transition to an online course session.

Completing the Chromebooks package, Melamed Academy supplies each student with a softcover case, quality headphones, and a wireless mouse.  These computer packages can be shipped to any US location.


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