Career Advantage Series

How to Be a Successful Team Player

Who Are Companies Hiring?

Disagreements Happen - What Next?

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This full-year participatory course is beneficial to all students, especially those seeking career guidance and readiness. Its three sections are Job Skills, Business Basics, and Communication Basics.

Job Skills units include: Career Search, Education, Job Hunt, Applications, Cover Letters, Interviews.

Business Basics units include: Why you were hired, Employee responsibilities, How employees affect the bottom line, Becoming a valuable employee.

Communication Skills include: Interpersonal communication – Communication with the boss; Communication with coworkers; Making & answering requests; Understanding instructions; How to treat the customer.
Small Group Communication – Team player, Team communication, Meeting participation.
Presentations – Speech preparation, Presentations, Understanding your audience; Attitude; Tools.

This course series is also suitable for Special Education.