Bible Cantillation I

Bar Mitzvah Prep

Torah Leining - Ta'amei Hamikra

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Bible Cantillation I


Advanced Cantillation of the Bible I (Torah reading)

 To prepare for the examination, the candidate is expected to be able to recognize the text distinguishing it from other liturgical pieces; be able to rapidly adapt to different repertoire; recall the appropriate information (melody) from among many possibilities; focus on the proper melody from among many; assemble the components in one’s mind; and express the melody with classic interpretation, and be able to sing the melodic line within the basic rules of Hebrew grammar, specifically: proper smichut of the words and proper pronunciation.

Instruction:  The proficiency examination  is administered under secure and proctored conditions.

Content covered includes: The music and grammar of the cantillation system concentrating on the Polish-Lithuanian and German tradition and covering the five books of the Bible. The candidate is expected to read and chant according to the specific musical notation of each book any verse at random and demonstrate awareness of thematic content and its relationship to the melodic nusach. The student is graded using the Julliard vocal performance evaluation form.

This course has a value of 3 lower-level undergraduate credits.