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AP Chemistry includes more than 260 video lessons and most of the 22 laboratory experiments recommended by the College Board to provide a complete AP experience in a blended environment.

Over 25 percent of the online lesson modules are inquiry-based and employ online simulations, data-based analysis, online data-based tools, and ―kitchen sink labs that require no specialized equipment or supervision. Many of the lessons include significant practice in stoichiometry and other critical, advanced chemistry skills.
Course topics include: Atoms, molecules, and ions; Stoichiometry and the mole; Reactions in aqueous solutions; Gases, liquids, and solids; Modern atomic theory and quantum mechanics; Electron configurations and periodicity; Chemical bonding and reactions; Properties of solutions; Acids and bases; Thermochemistry, electrochemistry, and biochemistry.

Students receive simulated AP tests to prepare them to succeed in the May AP exam.

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