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Monocots & Dicots

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AP Biology contains more than 380 video lessons, 1000+ interactive AP Biology problems with immediate feedback allow students to track progress, AP Biology practice tests and chapter tests for all 14 chapters, as well as midterm and final exams to prepare students for the AP Biology exam.
Diagnostic tests that tell you exactly what you need to study.
Engaging content to help students advance their knowledge of biology including: Inorganic and organic chemistry; Organelles, the cytoskeleton, and other aspects of cell biology; Molecular genetics and DNA replication;
Biotechnology and the Human Genome Project; Cell reproduction: mitosis and meiosis; Mendelian genetics and mutation; Taxonomy of Earth’s organisms; Animal systems such as the skeletal, digestive, and nervous systems; Plant systems and photosynthesis; Ecology, biomes, and ecosystems.
Students receive simulated AP tests to prepare them to succeed in the May AP exam.
This course is an honors level science class, preparing students for the AP exam.

Note: The evolution theory is a major concept in the AP Biology test. This is a reason why many students would be better advised to take a different AP exam, to avoid the conflict with their religious beliefs.

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