American Literature/English 11

Development of Mood in Literature

Colonial Literature Brings the Era to Life

Discover the Meaning in Motifs

Study Various Literature Genres

Learn How to Create a Single Effect in Literature

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American Literature is a dynamic course suitable for all reading levels, and serves as excellent preparation to the SAT exam. This course is the perfect choice for a thoughtful and insightful student who wishes to gain valuable skills in literary analysis.

Course reading material surveys American authors and the historical development of literature in America. Most works are presented as excerpts; there are not heavy reading requirements. The course illustrates how the events in history and the cultural heritage of the times influenced the work of authors.

Every unit has been reviewed by leading educators for suitability in Torah day school curriculum.

In this course, students have weekly vocabulary and grammar exercises to ensure their success on the SAT exam.

Literature Units:
• Perspectives of Literature
• A Growing Nation
• American Revolution
• Theme and Form
• Emergence of Transcendentalism
• Understanding Transcendentalism
• American Realism
• Accounts of Enslaved
• Methods of Perspective
• Imagination in Realism
• Humor in Realism
• Elements of Poetry
• Themes in Poetry
• Elements of Modernism
• Development of Mood and Effect
• American Drama
• Postmodernism
• Organizing Literature
• Civil Rights Movement
• Meaning in Motifs
• Elements of Literary Classics
• American Response
• American Language

Course Writing Assignments:
• Historical Investigative Report
• Persuasive Essay
• Speech Presentation
• Literary Analysis on Book
• Short Fiction Writing
• Personal/Reflective Essay
• Descriptive Essay
• Cause & Effect Essay
• Expository Writing
• Journalistic Writing
• Narative
• Business Writing and Letters

Students have access to Melamed Academy’s online library for their research reports, with guidance from the school’s online librarian.
This English course is offered as a full-year course. It qualifies for English 11 requirement credits, or can be studied for elective credit.