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Algebra I includes visual, interactive, and comprehensive study of all of the concepts required to meet state and Common Core standards. With multiple opportunities for practice and review, students easily master skills including variables, linear equations, quadratic equations, function notation, and exponential functions.

Students receive varied lesson materials for interactive practice, exercises, review, and real world applications. Learning Algebra has never been more enjoyable! Even students who weren’t the “math type” are now “A” students in Melamed Academy’s unique combination of expert instruction and engaging courseware.

Semester A Topics 

  • Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with monomial, binomial, and other polynomial expressions.
  • Graph linear equations and inequalities on a coordinate plane.
  • Find the slope and intercepts of a linear equation.
  • Apply the slope-intercept and point-slope forms of an equation of a line.
  • Graph a system of linear equations and inequalities.
  • Solve linear systems using substitution, linear combinations, and addition.
  • Use sequences and patterns to predict future events.
  • Interpret statements and represent real-world situations using function notation.
  • Find the domain and range of a function.
  • Relate functions with equations, tables, and graphs.
  • Write exponential functions and solve problems using exponential functions.
  • Write normal and recursive functions and combine different functions.
  • Write rules for arithmetic and geometric series and find sums of series.
  • Transform and translate graphs of functions and find computed functions for transformed graphs.
  • Find the domain and range of a composite function.
  • Find the inverse of a function.
  • Simplify rational exponents.


Semester B Topics 

  • Classify polynomials and perform operations with polynomials.
  • Factor polynomials, including binomials and trinomials.
  • Rewrite formulas to solve word problems.
  • Solve quadratic equations by completing squares, factoring, or using the quadratic formula. Solve quadratic inequalities.
  • Find the features of a parabola, including its x- and y-intercepts and vertex.
  • Graph greatest integer functions, piecewise functions, and absolute value functions.
  • Identify graphs of different types of functions.
  • Use the properties of exponential and logarithmic functions to solve them.
  • Identify the domain of a function in a given context.
  • Compare growth of different types of functions.
  • Use different types of data plots to represent data.
  • Understand and compare shape, center, and spread of data sets.
  • Use two-way tables to represent data sets and interpret their relative frequencies.
  • Interpret the slope and intercept of a linear fit of a data set.
  • Represent quantitative data using a scatter plot and fit a function to the data.
  • Interpret the correlation coefficient of a data set.
  • Distinguish between correlation and causation.

This course is available in both standard and honors levels.