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Access 2013: Microsoft Office Specialist


Cert Prep: Access 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist (77-424)

Distinguish yourself from other Access users by preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist Access 2013 certification exam. This course helps test candidates prepare for exam 77-424, which covers the five main skills included on the Access 2013 exam: creating databases, tables, queries, forms, and reports.

The course first explores the MOS certification program and highlights its cost, format, and objectives. It then walks students through all of the Access exam areas in detail. It explains how to create and manage Access databases, build tables, join tables with relationships, and create queries, forms, and dynamic reports. It includes practice files to follow along while learning about each topic. There are challenges to test your skills at the end of almost every chapter, and the full-length, 50-minute practice exam at the end of the course will ensure you’re ready for the real exam.

Topics include:

  • Understanding table structures and relationships
  • Setting primary and foreign keys
  • Establishing relationships and maintaining referential integrity
  • Sorting and filtering data
  • Building queries with constraints and criteria
  • Editing table data with queries
  • Generating forms from tables
  • Adding form controls
  • Creating reports with totals and labels
  • Automating tasks with macros
  • Embedding macros in buttons
  • Repairing your database
  • Protecting databases with passwords
  • Creating forms with the Form Wizard
  • Aligning form controls
  • Adding buttons, links, and attachments to forms and reports
  • Building database navigation elements
  • Grouping and sorting data in reports
  • Building reports from queries or wizards
  • Calculating fields
  • Linking forms and reports
  • Printing and exporting reports
  • Creating a new database
  • Managing relationships
  • Protecting a database
  • Creating tables
  • Modifying fields
  • Creating different types of queries
  • Using calculated fields and groups in a query
  • Building forms
  • Creating and formatting reports
  • Exam Prep: All about the exam, Review, Taking a full-length practice exam

More About Microsoft Certification Exams: 

 Let’s discuss the three different levels of MOS certifications that you can obtain. First, the Microsoft Office Specialist. A Microsoft Office Specialist, or MOS, is an individual who has demonstrated expertise by passing a certification exam in one or more Office programs,such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, etc. Moving on to the second level is our Microsoft Office Specialist Expert who is an individual that has taken their knowledge of Office to the next level, demonstrating their mastering of more advanced features, based on Word or Excel.

The Microsoft Office Specialist Expert exams for Word and Excel consist of two individual exams, each having 20 to 21 questions on the exam. To obtain the Expert level, you only have to pass either the Word Expert or the Excel Expert. Our final level that we’ll discuss is the Microsoft Office Specialist Master. A Microsoft Office Specialist Master is an individual who has demonstrated their expertise in both Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and one of the elected programs, such Access or Outlook.

This course is all about preparing you for the Access 2013 Microsoft Office Specialist exam. Once you watch all the videos and complete the challenge exercises at the end of each chapter, you’ll be able to move on to the practice exam at the end of the series. When you’ve mastered the practice exam in the allotted 40 minute time frame, you should feel comfortable in doing your final preparations for the full Access 2013 MOS exam. A great candidate for the Microsoft Office Specialist Word 2013 exam should have a good understanding of the Word user interface, and the ability to complete tasks independently.

You should know and be able to demonstrate the use of the principal business features of Word 2013, and should be able to create an edit a two to three page document as requested.

Disclaimer: Microsoft does not produce, provide, or endorse this video training course.