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New Jersey Graduation Requirements

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High School Diploma

Melamed Academy High School is a registered nonpublic school in the State of New Jersey, and grants High School Diplomas according to the state’s graduation requirements. The State of New Jersey has adopted the Common Core standards for many subjects, and additionally has state Core Curriculum Content Standards for certain subject areas.

Credit Requirements

The minimum credit requirement was raised for students entering high school in 2009 to 120 total credits, from a previous minimum requirement of 110 credits. The calculation for credits is as follows: A full year course amounts to 5 credits; a single semester course counts for 2.5 credits. Regarding Health, Safety, and Physical Education, students must meet a minimum of 150 minutes per week in qualifying activities for every year of high school enrollment.

Besides the additional credit requirements, students must now fulfill more advanced specifications for Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies courses. Also, Technological Literacy and 21st Century Skills are required, in order to properly prepare the students for the current work opportunities.


In Math, students must study Algebra I, Geometry, and a third math course that builds on the concepts and skills of algebra and geometry and prepares students for college and 21st century careers. In addition, there is a required 2.5 credits in Financial, Economic, Business, and Entreneurial Literacy. Melamed Academy offers students numerous options to fulfill their third Math course requirement. The standard course path is Algebra II; however, students can take Consumer Math in conjunction with the Accounting & ERP elective, or opt for the intensive Algebra with Financial Applications. An Honors level AP Prep Calculus AB is offered to qualifying 11th and 12th grade students.


In Science, students must study laboratory biology/life science or the content equivalent, an additional laboratory/inquiry based science course such as chemistry, environmental science, or physics, and a third laboratory/inquiry based science course. At Melamed Academy, students fulfill the laboratory requirements through a combination of virtual labs and lab packs. In addition to the required laboratory based sciences, students can study Psychology and other science courses to meet their elective requirements.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, World History is required, plus US History, history of New Jersey, Holocaust studies, studies of minorities as in N.J.S.A. 18A:35-1 and 2. Civics, economics, geography, and global content must be integrated into the course studies.

World Languages

The State of New Jersey requires students to take 5 credits in World Languages, or demonstrate their proficiency. At Melamed Academy, students may fulfill their World Language requirement with a Hebrew test or project. However, students are encouraged to select a World Language from the wide variety of Language courses. In today’s global economy, familiarity with world languages is a practical skill that will serve students well upon entering the workforce.

Health and Physical Education

At Melamed Academy, Health and Physical Education requirements are met with a schoolwide program in which students study weekly Health themes, researching and discussing them together in online discussions. Physical education is supervised by exercise trainers who design aerobic exercise and toning routines to match every student’s personal goals.

Visual and Performing Arts

Students can fulfill their Arts five-credit minimum requirements via Digital Arts, Photography, Drawing & Pastels, Painting, Sketching, Cartooning, and Art History & Appreciation.  Digital Arts includes practice in a variety of leading software and genres that have many practical career applications. Drawing and Painting courses are delivered online, while the student creates his art on paper and submits scanned versions to his teacher. Music students and members of performing arts groups can transfer qualifying credits to Melamed Academy in fulfillment of this credit requirement.

Language Arts Literacy

Coursework in English 9-12 is aligned with the Common Core standards and prepares students for SAT and nationally administered tests. Concentrations in American Literature and British Literature are offered as alternatives to the standard English courses in Grades 11 and 12. All literature is carefully selected to meet Torah standards, in consistence with the practices in Torah day schools.

Information literacy and research skills are provided under the guidance of Melamed Academy’s online librarians. Melamed Academy students receive access to vast databases and online reading rooms that provide an optimal research environment. Guided research sessions with our online librarian enable students to acquire valuable academic skills, online search skills, and expert research and academic integrity protocol.

Career Technical Education

Melamed Academy offers many career electives that directly prepare students for the workforce. Today’s workplace demands a multitude of skills from its employees, extending beyond the actual concentration of study necessary for their profession. Technological literacy, bookkeeping skills, and typing proficiency are required in most work environments. Melamed Academy’s Computer Applications courses are designed with the updated skills needed for current work environments.

Business computer systems and websites are present in every company, and most software brands utilize similar concepts. Familiarity with these programs will give our students a definite advantage when seeking employment. Melamed Academy’s Accounting & ERP course, and Web Programming and Design series are valuable tickets to lucrative professions.

Additionally, Melamed Academy Career courses include career selection and planning, resume writing, and job search basics with the guidance of a career coach. Students can also benefit from Personal Finance, Life Advantage Series, Communication, and Workplace Readiness series that walk through the milestones of adult life.

AP Prep Courses

The College Board’s AP exams are accepted as college credits in most institutions of higher education. While online courses cannot be officially certified, Melamed Academy offers many honors level courses that prepare students for the AP exams. These exams are delivered at testing centers during the month of May, and advance registration is required. Students taking the AP courses at Melamed Academy receive guidance, scheduling, and review assistance to ensure their success in the AP exams.

For more information about the New Jersey State Minimum Requirements by Content Area, see here.