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What is E-Rate?

Melamed Academy courses require high speed internet and sufficient broadband to accommodate all the students on the computers simultaneously. But this doesn't need to become a heavy expense for schools because federal E-Rate covers lots of the cost. The schools and libraries universal service support program, commonly known as the E-rate program, helps schools and libraries to obtain affordable broadband.

Eligible schools, school districts and libraries may apply individually or as part of a consortium. Funding may be requested under two categories of service: category one services to a school or library (telecommunications, telecommunications services and Internet access), and category two services that deliver Internet access within schools and libraries (internal connections, basic maintenance of internal connections, and managed internal broadband services). Discounts for support depend on the level of poverty and whether the school or library is located in an urban or rural area. The discounts range from 20 percent to 90 percent of the costs of eligible services. (Source: Fcc)

Prepare a Technology Plan for E-Rate Approval

A technology plan is a plan prepared by a school or library to explain how telecommunications and information technology will be used to achieve educational goals, curriculum reforms, or library service improvements.

Starting with Funding Year (FY) 2011, schools and libraries applying for Priority 2 Internal Connections and Basic Maintenance services must prepare a technology plan. Before FY2011, technology plans were required for all eligible services other than basic telephone service.
Technology plans must at a minimum contain the following elements:

(1) Clear goals and a realistic strategy for using telecommunications and information technology to improve education or library services;
(2) A professional development strategy to ensure that members of the staff know how to use these new technologies to improve education or library services;
(3) A needs assessment of the telecommunication services, hardware, software, and other services that will be needed to improve education or library services; and
(4) An evaluation process that enables the school or library to monitor progress toward the specified goals and make mid-course corrections in response to new developments and opportunities as they arise.
Nonpublic schools should check with their school district to see if they are covered under the district's plan. (Source: FCC)

Children's Internet Protection Act - Internet Safety Policy

Schools and libraries receiving universal service discounts are required to adopt and enforce an Internet safety policy that includes a technology protection measure that protects against access by adults and minors to visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or — with respect to use of computers with Internet access by minors — harmful to minors.

The Internet safety policy must address all of the following issues:

(1) Access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet and World Wide Web
(2) The safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms, and other forms of direct electronic communications
(3) Unauthorized access including "hacking" and other unlawful activities by minors online
(4) Unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors
(5) Measures designed to restrict minors' access to materials harmful to minors
For schools, the policy must also include monitoring the online activities of minors. Note: beginning July 1, 2012, when schools certify their compliance with CIPA, they will also be certifying that their Internet safety policies have been updated to provide for educating minors about appropriate online behavior, including interacting with other individuals on social networking websites and in chat rooms, cyberbullying awareness, and response. Melamed Kosher Computers provide schools with a CIPA compliant environment. (Source: FCC)

Teaching Children About Internet Safety

Melamed Academy's Internet Safety mini-course teaches children about internet safety and digital etiquette. Students practice their knowledge in simulated scenarios such as: the dangers of sharing personal information, dealing with cyberbullying, respecting copyrights and digital property, and respectful communication. Melamed's course provides schools with evidence of compliance with CIPA.

Q & A About Melamed Kosher Chromebooks

A Chromebooks is a lightweight laptop which works on the Google Chrome operating system. Chrome is an internet browser, and uses software that is internet-based. This means that the computer always updates its virus protection and software versions automatically, in the background, without any disruption to the user. The laptop also boots in seconds since it isn't lugging a heavy hard drive. Chromebooks connect to the internet using Wifi. It is possible to create and edit documents without internet connectivity, but the primary use of these laptops is internet based.

Chromebooks come in various models, with a wide price range. Melamed Academy offers the lower-priced models, to minimize the expense for our students. It's important to understand that a Melamed Kosher Chromebooks is significantly different than the same model on a store shelf. The kosher protection works via a license which Melamed Academy purchases from Google and installs on the device. This license attaches the device to Melamed Academy's cloud-based network, enabling our unique settings to take effect. Due to Melamed Academy's subsidies, our students receive these computers complete with the license and pre-programming - at the same price as the store model!

Melamed Kosher Chromebooks come with all the accessories: quality case, headphones, and wireless mouse. The software is also included: word processor, spreadsheet, graphic art programs, calculators, dictionary, encyclopedia and more.
The only thing that you need to add is an internet service plan.

Yes, any location on Planet Earth. When a Melamed Kosher Chromebooks connects to the internet, it will always automatically receive the kosher settings. This is an excellent safeguard, ensuring that even if the device travels to the airport or the coffee shop - the student is always receiving the same protected environment.

Since Melamed Kosher Chromebooks are compact and lightweight, they can fit on students' regular desks. It isn't necessary to buy any new furniture or find a donor to dedicate a new wing. Additionally, the laptops can be carted from room to room, and used in multiple classes every day. Students can also take them home and continue exactly where they left off.
The only requirement is adequate internet reception.

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