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The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

•Knowledge - Broad knowledge of Torah, Mitzvos, Jewish beliefs, and Jewish history

The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

• Skills - Ability to read, translate, and navigate Torah and Siddur

The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

• Understanding - Familiarity with the structure, flow, and connections of Torah passages. Comprehension of the reasoning behind the insights of Torah commentators. Learning how to connect and contrast various explanations on a single concept.

The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

• Internalization - Application to daily practice of mitzvos, how to ask questions and get answers

The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

• Personal Development - Striving to grow as a Torah Jew and become a better person every day

The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

• Life Goals - Visualizing one's future family, career, and lifestyle in accordance with one's Torah values

The goals of the Torah Studies program include:

• Torah Chain - Recognizing the responsibility of serving as a link in the Torah chain, striving to give and build. Learning the challenges and triumphs of the Jewish nation, and how we will build the future generations

Torah Chinuch for Every Jewish Child


Lessons to study with a parent or tutor


Study Melamed's lessons with a friend

High Interest

Videos, games, and interactive activities

All Levels, All Ages

Accommodating every student


Chumash, Meforshim, and Weekly Parsha


Gemara, Rishonim, Bekius, Daf Yomi, Mishnayos


Dinim, Mitzvos, Jewish Year, Study units on Shabbos, Kashrus, Brachos, Midos, and Eretz Yisrael


Alef Bais, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Modern Hebrew


Neviim, Kesuvim, Megillos, Tehillim

Jewish World

History, Tzadikim, Torah World

Torah Projects

Arts & Crafts, Contests, Torah Research Projects, Chidonim, Torah Bees


Davening, Biur Tefillah, Songs

Melamed Academy Torah StudiesWhere Every Student Loves Learning Torah!

Full Time Enrollment

Students complete full Torah curriculum in a structured program, leading to high school diploma


Students enroll in a course of choice for remediation, enrichment, or course recovery.

College Credit

High school students and adults can earn 84 college credits from Torah courses and exams.