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State Registered School

Students receive official transcript and high school diploma.

Positive Environment

Melamed fosters student's natural curiosity and joy of learning, without excess pressure.

Customizable Curriculum

Every student receives academic counseling to design the course load which suits his personal interests and long-term goals.

Flexible Schedule

Students complete their weekly coursework at the hours fitting their schedule, with no need to login at specific times.

All About Homeschooling with Melamed Academy

Homeschooling is legal in all US states, and in most countries. However, it's important to become educated about the laws and policies in your state; some have a streamlined process, others have many hoops for a homeschooling parent to jump.
Also, educating one's child at home can fall under various categories: homeschool, private tutor - either the parent or a hired tutor, private school (the home is a mini-school), or an umbrella option (the home is supervised by a private school). Some states require homeschool students to pass standardized tests at designated grade levels, while in other states a parent doesn't even need to follow a curriculum. If you are considering homeschooling, check your state's policies and call your Department of Education for clarification. Melamed Academy provides homeschool curriculum for students in all states, and can help you fill your compulsory education requirements.
See here for more information: http://education.uslegal.com/homeschooling/homeschooling-laws-by-state/

Melamed Academy is a registered nonpublic school in the State of New Jersey. New Jersey is accommodating of homeschool students. Parents may decide to educate their children in a public, private, or homeschool setting of their choice - the only requirement being that the education must be equivalent to public school curriculum. No testing or paperwork is required. Melamed Academy provides full coursework to students in Grades K-12 according to the Common Core State Standards and High School Graduation Requirements. Full time students graduate with a high school diploma.

Melamed Academy students benefit from award-winning courseware that both instructs and fosters the student's own educational curiosity. Lessons include lots of discussion, projects, labs, and virtual field trips. The positive energy and low-stress environment fosters student motivation. and the specialized educational tools enable students to easily grasp advanced topics.

Melamed Academy students study the state-required secular subjects, as well as Torah subjects and a wide variety of electives. The course load is comparable to a Torah day school, but can often be completed in a shorter time frame. Students receive daily or weekly lessons, depending on the subject, and must complete them by the deadline. Students are in regular contact with their teachers but do not need to login at specific times of day, allowing them to set their study hours according to the rhythm of their home dynamics.

Yes, students at Melamed Academy benefit from attending a registered school which maintains student records on all coursework. Report cards, diplomas, and transcripts are issued for all courses.

Attendance and course data is automatically recorded, tracking the student's study time and unit mastery - every day! Parents can login and view their child's progress, and receive reports and nachas notes. Course records can be provided to a Torah day school upon student transfer request. Upon high school graduation, students fulfilling all the state requirements receive a recognized high school diploma.

Yes, because Melamed Academy's diplomas are issued by a state registered school. Melamed Academy students earn excellent SAT scores, and are accepted at their colleges of choice. Students have continued to state colleges, private colleges, seminaries, and yeshivos.  Students applying for federal financial aid in college can fulfill their high school diploma requirement with their Melamed Academy diploma.

Yes, it is a major savings. At Melamed Academy, you can educate ten children for the same price of one attending a Torah day school. Melamed is a non-profit school with subsidized tuition rates. Also, it is not necessary to enroll for the complete Torah Studies and General Studies tracks; you can select one or the other, or specific subjects. At Melamed, you are the client and we are your service provider. We will also go the extra mile to ensure that all Torah-observant children receive a quality education, regardless of financial circumstances.

Absolutely yes. Melamed Academy Kosher Chromebooks are TAG approved. The Melamed courses do require internet connectivity, but there is no need to compromise on the purity of the home environment.

Melamed Kosher Chromebooks are extremely secure, since the safeguards are in the device, and will provide protection worldwide. Only designated educational websites are allowed.

At Melamed Academy, we understand that children go through many developmental stages, and could spend a school year, or a partial year, at home while transitioning to a new Yeshiva day school. Even if your child has been out of school for a while, it's always a good time to enroll at Melamed Academy. New students join us every day; that's what we do. And, if the school year is starting and you haven't received an acceptance letter from the Yeshiva or Bais Yaakov, you can fill the time with a Melamed course or two. When the child does start at his Yeshiva, he can continue the course from his Yeshiva desk, and receive full credit.

Yes, Melamed Academy services many students with special learning needs. Melamed can implement an IEP, design a customized high school completion plan, and accommodate individual needs for text-to-speech, alternative testing, and ADD-appropriate courses.

Melamed Academy has successfully educated students in mental health facilities and receiving outpatient care, in coordination with their case workers.

Melamed Academy also services students with special needs, at no additional fee.

We welcome all students, and enjoy helping them succeed.

Torah Subjects for All Grades & Levels

Melamed Academy offers a full Torah Studies curriculum, or by-the-subject enrollment. Students who are temporarily outside of a Yeshiva framework can maintain their Torah studies with our wide variety of student-friendly courses. We accommodate students of all backgrounds with leveled curriculum, translation, audio support, and remedial lessons. High school students can receive college credit for their Torah Studies.

Educational Guidance with Customized Learning Plan

Melamed Academy knows that students are individuals, and benefit from a course load that matches their talents, career goals, and learning styles.
Students can receive their required subjects in a choice of formats. A wide variety of electives offers students the opportunity to develop talents and work towards a career goal. Most importantly, by empowering the student to select his courses, Melamed Academy fosters individual responsibility.

Excellent Chinuch Environment

At Melamed Academy, students benefit from top quality courseware carefully selected and customized for the Torah community. All literature meets Torah day school standards. Courses contain only appropriate images, and maintain a Torah atmosphere. Boys and girls have completely separate classes. Since Melamed Academy courses are studied in leading Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools, you are assured that they have plenty of oversight from chinuch authorities, in addition to Melamed Academy's rabbinical board.

Instant Feedback & Live Teacher Messaging

Courses interact with the student, giving hints, correcting mistakes, and clapping for his success. The programs are designed to present concepts in multiple formats, so students can easily understand new ideas. Students interact with the online teachers via email, course message box, or phone calls. Melamed Academy students study across many time zones, so a teacher is available for students most hours of the day (and night!).

Opportunity for Networking with Melamed Academy Families

Homeschool students yearn for connection with a peer group of friends. Parents also enjoy sharing tips with like-minded individuals in similar situations. Upon request from Melamed Academy homeschooling families, we will be facilitating a discussion forum for participating homeschool families. Also, parents wishing to homeschool in neighborhood groups can join our sign up lists for various communities. Contact the office for more details.

Huge Tuition Savings

Melamed Academy's online day school allows you to enjoy the benefits of a Torah-true education, without financial stress. As a nonprofit school, our subsidized prices offer a tremendous value - very low tuition, without any additional book fees. Registration is now open for the coming school year.

Also, any student wishing to complete the current school year can join at any time.