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MyMelamed Student Success

School success is now within reach! Enjoy learning with our online tutorial programs culled from innovative and enjoyable educational software, from the convenience of your own home. You'll master new skills, review at your own pace, and enjoy the incentives and prizes. Most of all, you'll feel the joy of accomplishment.

GED Prep Track

Our GED Test Preparation courses provide full curriculum, video tutorials, and simulated exams. This self-paced course prescribes lessons based on students' learning gaps, for efficient mastery. Yeshiva students of all ages will also benefit from our Reading Comprehension section that boosts vocabulary and skills to new levels.

Little Professor Enrichment

Advanced courses and extracurricular enrichment for gifted students, customizable to individual areas of interest. Options include World Languages, Advanced Math, Virtual Science Labs, and thousands of pre-selected educational videos.

Save Time, Save Money

No more hourly tutoring rates! Students have unlimited monthly access to a variety of educational programs, under the guidance of an online teacher.
Students sharpen their skills, study for tests, and expand their academic horizons.

Kosherized Educational Programs

Finely selected educational programs combine best practices of online education with high chinuch standards. Many award-winning curricular software lines have been customized by Melamed for the Torah community.

Service More Students

Day Schools can maximize their resource room budgets with Melamed programs. When students have online learning programs, a single teacher can service multiple levels and subjects in one room!

Expert Virtual Instruction

Melamed's staff of certified teachers have years of experience helping students succeed. Teachers and students interact on the phone, email, and in the virtual classroom where teachers present lessons and demonstrate new concepts on the computer screen with student participation.

Instant Feedback

The computer-graded assignments provide instant feedback to students. A built-in "tutor" corrects mistakes by offering hints and reteaching concepts. Every learner is set up for success!

Learning Prescriptions

Remedial learning tracks are customized for the student's level. A pretest assesses prior knowledge and generates a prescriptive learning path that covers exactly the lessons needed. Students maximize their time by studying only what they still need to learn, and at their own pace.

MyMelamed Enrichment Programs

  • Instant Feedback

    Built-in tutor gives hints and corrects mistakes, clarifying new material.
  • Personalized Learning Path

    Pretests assess student level, and prescribe lessons to fill gaps.
  • Bite-Sized Tasks Build Big Projects

    Multi-step templates and modules guide students through reports.
  • Credit Recovery

    High school credit courses in student-friendly format ensure success.

Is Private Tutoring Too Expensive?

School success is now within reach!