• Why Study Twice? Earn High School Credits in Middle School

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Early High School Track

Why Study Twice?

Many Middle School subjects overlap with the same content taught in High School. Using Melamed Academy's online courses in the dual enrollment program, students can simultaneously earn High School credits - and graduate with a diploma at a younger age!

Early High School Admissions

Intelligent and motivated Middle School students are generally able to study High School level courses in their subjects of instruction, getting halfway towards a High School diploma by the end of 8th grade.

High School Diplomas Within Reach

Now, even students continuing to a Yeshiva without secular studies can earn a High School diploma. Students participating in Melamed Academy's Early High School Admission program graduate 8th grade with half their credits and finish the remainder over the next two years with online courses.

Melamed's Accelerated High School Program

  • Designed for Advanced Middle School Students

    Study High School Level Courses
  • Convenient, Kosher, Online Courses!

    Study at Home or at Your Elementary School Desk
  • Dual Enrollment Speeds the Process!

    Graduate 8th Grade with Half of Your High School Credits Complete
  • Finish Your Diploma at Melamed Academy

    Or Transfer Credits to Your High School and Graduate Early!

Earn High School Science Credits

With a Qualifying Course in these Middle School Subjects:
Earth Science,
Life Science (Biology),
Physical Science

Earn High School Social Studies Credits

With a Qualifying Course in these Middle School Subjects:
World Geography,
World History,
US History,
Civics-US Government,

Earn High School Math Credits

With an Advanced Level Math Course:
Algebra I,

Earn High School Credits

With an Advanced Level English Course:
English 9,
Public Speaking & Debate

Earn High School Financial Literacy Credit

With a Qualifying Course:
Economics & Personal Finance

Earn High School Arts Credits

With a Qualifying Course:
Torah Reading & Cantillation I - Parasha,
Torah Reading & Cantillation II - Haftara & Megillos,
Prayer Cantillation & Choir

Earn Career Education High School Credits

With a Qualifying Course in:
Computer Applications,
Computer Programming

Earn High School Elective Credits

With a Qualifying Course in:
World Language,
Jewish History,
Public Speaking & Debate,
& More Melamed Academy Courses

Get Ahead!

Melamed Academy's Accelerated High School Program helps more students earn a diploma.

Attention School Principals!

Increase Motivation, Boost Academic Achievement - Bring Melamed Academy Courses into Your Middle School Classrooms!

The Smart WayMelamed Academy's Early High School Track

Empowering Middle School students to earn High School credits.

7th & 8th Graders

At Home or At School

Study High School Subjects

With Melamed's Online Courses

On Kosher Computers

Meeting all Chinuch Standards