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College Degree Program

Jewish History Proficiency Exams

Jewish History 201 (3 Cr. Lower) -
From the World's Creation until the Zugot.

Jewish History 202 (3 Cr. Lower) -
From Hillel until Present Day.

Hebrew Language Proficiency Exams

Elementary Modern Hebrew (3 cr. Lower).
Intermediate Modern Hebrew (3 cr. Lower).
Advanced Modern Hebrew (3 cr. Upper).

Elementary Biblical Hebrew (3 cr. Lower).
Intermediate Biblical Hebrew (3 cr. Lower).

Halachah Proficiency Exams

Elementary Kashruth (3 Cr. Lower).
Intermediate Kashruth (3 Cr. Upper).
Advanced Kashruth (3 Cr. Upper).

Elementary Shabbat (3 Cr. Lower).
Intermediate Shabbat (3 Cr. Lower).
Advanced Shabbat (3 Cr. Upper).

Torah Leining & Chazzanus Proficiency Exams

Advanced Cantillation of the Bible 1 (3 Cr. Lower).
Advanced Cantillation of the Bible 2 (3 Cr. Lower).

Shabbat Prayer Chant & Liturgy ( 3 Cr. Upper).
Three Festivals Prayer Chant & Liturgy (3 Cr. Upper).
Rosh Hashana Prayer Chant & Liturgy (3 Cr. Upper).
Yom Kippur Prayer Chant & Liturgy (3 Cr. Upper).

Chumash, Gemara, and Pirkei Avos Proficiency Exams

Bible - Genesis (3 Cr. Lower).
Bible - Exodus (3 Cr. Lower).
Bible - Leviticus (3 Cr. Lower).
Bible - Numbers (3 Cr. Lower).
Bible - Deuteronomy (3 Cr. Lower).

Elementary Talmud (3 Cr. Lower).
Intermediate Talmud (3 Cr. Upper).
Advanced Talmud (3 Cr. Upper).

Talmud 201: Ethics of the Fathers (1.5 Cr. Lower).
Talmud 202: Ethics of the Fathers (1.5 Cr. Lower).

Introduction to Accounting

Accounting for Management

Management Information Systems

Corporate Finance

Business Law

Principles of Management

Organizational Behavior

Introduction to Marketing

Business Ethics

Principles of Sales

International Management

Multinational Business Finance

Business Capstone Project

English Composition I & II

Public Speaking

College Algebra

Business Math


Earth Science


US Government



Melamed Online Courses for College Exam Prep

  • Full Line of Torah, General Education, & Business Courses

    Interactive student-friendly format with instant feedback
  • Customizable for Learners of All Levels

    Pre-courses for students lacking background knowledge
  • Accelerated Program for Adult Learners

    Take college exams for quick credit in areas of your expertise.
  • Torah Credits

    Apply up to 84 Credits in Torah Subjects towards Your BA Degree

Degree + Career Training = Success!

Melamed Academy College Program's secret to success is pairing a career skills course with the student's BA degree,a winning combination.

Q & A with Melamed Academy College Program

At Melamed Academy, students can test out of many credits instead of sitting through a full semester of coursework. Of course, when learning new material for the first time, it is better to absorb it a steady pace, without cramming for a test. For those students, Melamed offers online courses in all subjects so that the knowledge is learned in a solid academic standard.

Melamed Academy has partnered with Jewish Bible Association to administer their Torah proficiency exams to our students. Exams cover Chumash, Halachah, Jewish History, Ivrit, Davening, Leining, and Gemara. These exams have been recognized for college credit which can be applied to degrees at Charter Oak State College and at Thomas Edison State College. 120 credits are needed for a Bachelors' Degree, of which 84 credits can be earned with Torah Credit, for a BA Liberal Studies or BA Jewish Studies. Torah tests can also be applied to other degrees, as general education credit or elective credit.

A high school diploma is generally a prerequisite for college admission. Certain colleges geared to adult learners will accept a student who has already earned college-level credit through online courses or proficiency exams. Melamed Academy's Torah credits can be earned prior to the student's actual enrollment at the college, and therefore he can transfer them and complete his degree without a high school diploma. Now, besides the actual high school diploma, there is valuable knowledge gained by studying high school subjects, making it difficult for students to succeed without that background. Melamed Academy helps those students by providing pre-courses to college level general studies, filling the student's gaps and leaping him forward.

US Students at accredited colleges receive federal grants and loans according to financial eligibility. Additionally, the US Education Tax Credit is worth up to $2500, reimbursing the student for higher educational expenses. Students at Melamed Academy's College Program earn degrees from accredited colleges, thus are eligible for FAFSA aid. At the same time, they enjoy lower expenses due to Melamed's value-priced online courses and Torah credits. Therefore, although the out-of-pocket cost is approximately $6500 for the BA degree, the net cost could be $0.

A degree is not a commodity with an inherent worth; it only becomes a practical investment if it will be used to help its bearer increase his earning potential. An accredited BA degree has two benefits: 1) Opening career doors by virtue of the student's newly acquired knowledge with reliable credentials, and 2) Opening educational doors to Masters' programs which will provide increased skill and knowledge for advanced careers. Melamed Academy provides College and Career Guidance to ensure that students select the educational path that enables them to reach their goals.

Melamed Academy provides a multi-faceted support system to students with weaker academic background or skills, including: Pre-Courses which teach important background material to college level General Education, Online Courses preparing students for College Credit Exams so they don't need to learn the material independently, and Degree Planning to ensure that students select courses best suited to their abilities.

In today's job market, it isn't sufficient to have a college degree and theoretical knowledge of the field. Nowadays, even executives are expected to type their own emails and also prepare their own presentations. Certainly a new graduate needs the surrounding skill set in the leading computer software for that field. Every profession also has its complementary skill set which can boost a jobseeker's attractiveness to a potential employer. Melamed Academy's Career Training Center provides the full package of College education and Career skills needed for that profession.

Upon completing a BA in Liberal Studies, students can proceed to a graduate degree. If their Masters' program requires pre-requisites, they can complete a Post-Baccalaureate program which requires 30 or 45 credits. Our students have gone on toward graduate and professional degrees including: law school, MBA, medical school, education, psychology, and computer science. Students can proceed on toward second BA's at hundreds of US colleges (30 credits in a new major, 45 credits in accounting and engineering), go on toward graduate work at the University of Marylandwww.umuc.edu ; do a 2 year second BA at Columbia University in NYC with the second year being 1st year graduate or medical school/law school courses at Columbia; enter a MS in engineering program at Boston University for humanities graduates http://www.bu.edu/bulletins/eng/item12.html in the areas of: biomedical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering; do a 12-15 month post-baccalaureate program in pre-med or pre-dentistry to get into medical or dental school; do a 12 month international MBA at Bar Ilan University in Israel www.biu.ac.il/imba ; a 6 month post-baccalaureate teacher certification program for the public school system; follow this teacher's certification with a 30 credit master's degree in special education for state licensure; do a one year post-baccalaureate in speech therapy that allows humanities graduates to enter a master's degree program in speech pathology; enter a 16 month post-baccalaureate for a BSN (nursing) degree; enter a 2.5 year Doctor of Physical Therapy program followed by a paid one year clinical internship to become a licensed physical therapist; enter a special MSW program at Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work (2 summers plus 2 semesters); go to a master's degree program in education (elementary Jewish education) at a prestigious New England university with free tuition, a $10,000 stipend and getting state licensure to teach in the public school system; or go to the London School of Jewish Studies and study for an MA in Jewish Studies in conjunction with King's College, University of London. One of the students entered the graduate program in computer science at Johns Hopkins.

Students applying the maximum 84 Torah credits to their BA earn a degree in Liberal Studies or in Judaic Studies. This degree does not provide a student with marketable skills, but is a stepping stone towards a Masters' degree or other certification track.
Students can also apply Torah credits to other degrees, where they can fill General Education credits or Elective credits. Or, students can earn a degree with a dual concentration in both Judaic Studies and another field, such as Business. This Judaic-Business degree provides a blend including a marketable skill set attractive to a Jewish employer. Additionally, Melamed Academy's Career Training Center offers training in the latest business and computer skills which enhance a college graduate's resume.