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Melamed Academy Curriculum

  • Common Core Curricular Standards

    Aligned to State Requirements
  • 21st Century Skills

    Fostering Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Student Responsive Courseware

    Interactive lessons with instant feedback
  • High School Diploma

    At Melamed Academy, a NJ State Registered school


Melamed Academy Full Time Enrollment empowers parents and students to partner with Melamed's registered school program in the education of their children.
Melamed Academy curriculum is comprehensive, covering the scope and sequence of National Common Core standards. The interactive lessons and activities can accommodate students in any geographical location.

Melamed Academy offers a vast selection of tracks for every course. Some students are exploratory learners and enjoy discovering and researching topics on their own. Other students are experiential and learn best when they can simulate science experiments and see history through virtual field trips. All students receive the course best suited to their learning style. At Melamed Academy, no child is left behind, and every student acquires solid foundations in reading and math, ensuring their lifetime educational success.

Enrollment Options

Full Time

Benefit from a structured program that engages your child with hours of interactive lessons and award winning curricular tools. Our full and varied course subjects contain many specialized features, enhancing your child's lifelong academic success.

By the Course

Gain the perks of quality comprehensive courses directed by Melamed's experienced online teachers who are dedicated to your child's success. Give your child the benefit of a firm foundation in Reading, Language, Math, and other subjects that must be mastered, in order to ensure a student's lifelong academic success.

Blended Learning in the Classroom

Schools gain many benefits by incorporating a computer-based learning program at a value price. Enroll your students for Melamed Academy courses and enjoy the advantages of a prepared virtual curriculum, complete with regular data reports. Students love the programs, and you'll love the convenience. Our videoed lessons, interactive tutorials, and review games free up the classroom teacher to work with small groups.

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