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Melamed Academy’s Mission

Melamed Academy is a nonprofit private school registered in the State of New Jersey. Founded in 2012 by a team of experienced educators, Melamed Academy’s goal is enhanced quality, accessibility, and affordability of education for the Torah community.

With the guidance and blessings of Gedolei Yisrael shlita, Melamed Academy created a unique program tailored to meet the Yeshiva day school students’ needs. Servicing Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade, Melamed Academy’s computer-based programs accommodate individual learning paths, as well as full class settings.

A robust array of curricular apps and courses are delivered to students via our private Learning Management System. Kosher computers are available for students, providing a filtered internet environment that grants access only to designated educational resources.

Melamed Academy operates in coordination with Torah Umesorah and Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch to service our Torah-observant students and ensure that their academic pursuits are aligned with Torah guidance. It is our goal that Orthodox Jewish students will benefit from high-quality cost-effective education in Melamed Academy, where we utilize the technological platform l’sheim Shomayim.


Our Main Goal

Melamed Academy provides online education to Orthodox Jewish students in Grades K-12 via a private Learning Management System. The uniqueness in Melamed’s program lies in its one-of-a-kind curriculum customized to meet the discerning standards of Torah-true values. Course material is based on award winning software from leading curricular companies, yet Melamed has customized unique learning paths that bypass inappropriate topics. Additionally, Melamed has built its own course line for teaching subjects, such as Literature, with an infusion of Torah values. These unprecedented investments are enabling today's ultra-Orthodox Jewish students to benefit from cutting-edge materials in a strictly Torah-true atmosphere.

In consultation with industry experts, Melamed Academy offers students specially-designed firewalled computers that deliver education without any other internet access. All in all, Melamed Academy delivers tremendous value to its students who receive best-of-brand materials and kosher computers – at low-cost prices.

Melamed at Schools

Melamed at Schools
Torah day school principals enroll their students into Melamed’s courses in order to enhance their school experience and to master 21st Century Skills. In fact, attending a virtual academic course is a graduation requirement in many states.

Yet the cost savings are reason enough. Significantly, by outsourcing instruction hours, administrators can conserve costs needed to run a full secular-studies department. At Melamed Academy, schools pay per student instead of shouldering the overhead of a teacher salary for every small group. Schools also appreciate the convenience offered by Melamed course options, eliminating hassles of finding teachers for specific subjects at narrow time slots.

Melamed Academy employs experienced Orthodox Jewish teachers who are subject-matter experts, even in advanced fields such as chemistry and calculus. Virtual labs and cutting-edge review programs are included; enhancing the educational level so that students receive even more. With Melamed courses, schools can have both academic excellence and a Torah observant teacher – without any geographical constraints! Other advantages to schools include the ability to offer varied curricular options, including differentiated learning tracks, allowing every student to study at his/her optimum level and pace.

Many yeshiva principals expressed enthusiasm at the online learning style, which fosters student responsibility and a higher level of self-direction. Teenagers are naturally inclined towards a more empowering learning environment that allows them to advance at their own pace, and not sit passively as a group. Many classroom discipline issues can be instantly eliminated when students don headphones and work independently on their courses. Class time is thus utilized to its maximum productivity, allowing students to benefit from a higher-level education.

Melamed at Home

Melamed Academy also services private students who can register in specific subject tracks for enrichment and remediation. Additionally, many homeschoolers register for their complete education from Melamed Academy’s complete K-12 academic syllabus. The curriculum is varied and includes K-12 core subjects at multiple levels, foreign languages, AP courses, technology and design courses, career readiness, and dual-credit high school courses that count towards college credit.

Melamed Academy’s personalized tutorial tracks are cost-effective and highly engaging for the students. It is our goal that many formerly-struggling students can finally succeed in mastering difficult subjects by using Melamed Academy’s interactive multimedia education programs that tailor themselves to the student’s skill level, by customizing prescriptive learning paths to ensure mastery.

Melamed Academy's Advantages

Quality Digital Learning for the Torah Community

Melamed Academy is the premier online school established with Torah guidance and catering to the needs of the Torah community. Our customized curriculum from leading textbook publishers is delivered on Melamed's kosher computers. Teacher support is provided by a staff of dedicated Torah observant professionals.
At Melamed Academy, education is enhanced by technology, ensuring every student's success.


100% Filtered Internet Meets Highest Standards

Torah GuidanceTorah Guidance

All Courses Meet Torah Day School Chinuch Standards


Flexible Courses Meet Every Student's Needs


Our Virtual Academic Solutions Make Skyrocketing Tuition Costs - Disappear!


Our Turnkey Solutions Provide Education to Every Student, Everywhere!

Educational QualityEducational Quality

Students Learn Better, Remember More, and Score Higher than Ever Before!

The Only Torah-Observant Online School

Torah day school students and homeschoolers can maintain their high chinuch standards at Melamed Academy, which shares their values and matches their refined environment.

Courses are taught by Torah-observant teachers, and curriculum is customized to meet the discerning sensitivities of the Torah community.

Classes are separate for girls and boys, and the school calendar is coordinated to match the Torah day school schedule and Jewish holidays.

In Melamed Academy's privately managed computer platforms, students maintain their homogenous environment, without interaction between any students from other schools or programs, ensuring a continuation of the Torah day school environment.

Chinuch in the Cloud

Virtual academic solutions present new exciting educational opportunities.

Melamed Academy has researched the market to select valuable award-winning resources for our students, that ensure solid mastery of vital concepts while fostering creative expression. Our unique and original resources are enabling more students to succeed in an enjoyable and supportive learning environment.

Courses are aligned to Common Core standards, national assessment tests, and AP requirements. Credits from Melamed Academy courses are accepted by leading high schools and yeshivos. Students' high scores and concept mastery are evidence that learning is enhanced by Melamed's expertly designed program.

By offering numerous electives and personalizing the educational experience for every student, Melamed Academy teaches every kind of learner. Students who previously struggled - now succeed! Students too shy to participate - now have a chance to be heard! Students who were not maximizing their gifted minds - now have new frontiers to explore and specialized instructors to guide them!

At Melamed Academy, No Child is Left Behind!

“Chanoch l’naar al pi darko”, educating a child according to his unique personal strengths, is a precept guiding Melamed Academy’s lesson structure in every class. Students with various learning styles all benefit from our educational style and the teachers’ sensitivity to every student’s needs.

As a virtual school, Melamed Academy is not limited by any need to teach to the middle of the class. Instead, students’ needs are met with flexibility and ease.

Placement tests gauge student level and chart a personalized learning path. Pre-recorded video instruction allows students to progress at their own pace, with teacher support.

Step-by-step interactive instruction breaks down the major concepts into smaller components – allowing every student to discover his true educational potential.

Advanced students enjoy the wide array of activities and resources that encourage higher thought processes and stimulate intellectual curiosity. A choice of world languages, technology electives, and AP prep courses provide enrichment customizable to individual areas of interest.

Breaking the Cost Barrier

Tuition prices at private Orthodox Jewish schools are skyrocketing, while prices at Melamed Academy are dropping.

With thanks to our donors and sponsors, Melamed Academy is pleased to be offering special reduced rates to qualifying students for the upcoming school year.

Contact our office for more information.

Melamed's Kosher Computer Solutions

Melamed Academy's goal is maintaining a Torah-true educational environment while benefiting from the advantages of online learning.

Please note: It is not necessary to purchase a Melamed computer. All courses can function on standard desktop computers or laptops. Many courses can accommodate tablets, as well. Simple adjustments can be made to any existing internet filter, to allow access to Melamed Academy courses from any location.

Melamed's computers were specially designed to provide an affordable and secure internet platform for accessing the school software programs, while minimizing distractions during school hours.

Melamed's kosher internet system is especially secure due to its restrictions built-in to the device, regardless to its location. This reduces the need for any IT maintenance at the student's location, and eliminates the costs of monthly filtering fees. Various settings within Melamed Academy provide appropriate access for its different student grades. These device settings are only offered on devices obtained from Melamed Academy.

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