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  • Melamed Academy students benefit from award-winning curricular materials, complete with multimedia enhancements, virtual science labs, interactive web tools, and a variety of educational review games.
  • Courses can be accessed at the hours convenient to the student. Online support is provided by Melamed Academy’s teachers. All educators are subject-matter experts with experience in their respective fields.
  • Advanced assessment tools are designed to drill down and pinpoint learning hurdles. Results are measurable and marvelous! Students enjoy their built-in incentives and prizes, as they progress towards excellence.
  • Interactive practice with instant feedback steers students towards understanding new concepts.
  • Most of all, learning at Melamed Academy is engaging for all types of learners; satisfying their intellectual curiosity with enrichment and supporting the learning process with unlimited review and practice games.

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Teacher Instruction & Support

Melamed Academy courses are supervised by a dedicated staff of Torah observant professionals. Our teachers are available to answer students' questions and give them feedback. The teachers utilize the latest educational technology to foster students' mastery of educational concepts - ensuring success on standardized tests.

Over 250 Course Options

Students at Melamed Academy can pursue individual interests and train for their future careers, while earning high school credits.
Courses are available at differentiated levels, including Remedial, Standard, and Honors/AP courses.
A wide selection of World Languages, Computer Technology, and AP courses open new doors to students.

Award Winning Educational Software

Melamed Academy researched the entire e-learning market to bring the very best educational software to our students. Every curricular app has been student-tested for ease and clarity.
Curriculum is aligned to the Common Core standards, and prepares students to excel at standardized tests.
Multimedia enhancements, virtual science labs, and a variety of educational games keep students fascinated with their studies!

Personalized & Interactive

Computer-based learning has many advantages. Students can accomplish more during their class hours because they progress at their own pace, without any group distractions.
Pretests in every unit gauge the student's prior knowledge and exempt him from lessons that he already knows.
Pre-recorded video instruction allows students to progress at their own pace, with teacher support available for questions.
Assignments are instantly graded by the computer, and helpful feedback is provided to the student. Hints, corrections, and replays of instruction ensure that students master every module before progressing to the next one.
Students develop 21st Century Skills in online classes, by utilizing interactive whiteboards, click polls, chat boxes, and holding video conversations with their teacher.

Melamed's Online Research Library

A student's ability to synthesize knowledge from various sources and compose reports marks an important academic milestone. Yet, public libraries pose immense chinuch challenges, and many yeshivos do not wish their students to frequent those venues.
Melamed's premier online library includes all the library materials needed for research: EBSCO databases, dictionaries, encyclopedias, news feeds, reference texts and periodicals.
Image collections and video libraries enhance students' understanding of historical events, and provide them with ready material for projects.
Students receive guidance from Melamed Academy's librarian in designing research projects, performing searches, and adhering to academic integrity standards.

Reporting & Communication

For the upcoming school year, Melamed Academy will launch its new online gradebook that will contain student's grades in real time, accessible by students, their teachers, and the adult supervising their coursework at Melamed Academy.
Advanced features of the online gradebook include tracking mastery of Common Core standards, reporting on Response to Intervention, and updating student fulfillment of High School credits.
The online grade book will serve as a monitoring tool enabling constant progress reports to the student and to the academic supervisor.

Enrollment Options

We Educate, We Empower, You Excel!

At Melamed Academy, students can enroll full time or attend single courses.
Our programs service the Torah community, by respecting your chinuch standards and accommodating your need for convenient academic solutions at value prices.

Summer SchoolSummer School

Course recovery, enrichment, and course credit

Full TimeFull Time

Homeschoolers, homebound, and all independent learners

Course CreditCourse Credit

Explore 250+ subjects and fulfill high school credits

Yeshiva Day SchoolsYeshiva Day Schools

Meet individual needs or outsource entire classes


Enrichment and resource room courses

GED PrepGED Prep

Designed for Yeshiva students of all ages