Melamed Academy Full Time K-12 Registration Form

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Grades 1-5: Elementary School

Grades 6-8: Middle School

Grades 9-12: High School

Full Time K-12 Torah/General Studies Registration Page

Grades K-12 Registration for School Year 2020-21


Tuition Price Chart

Please refer to the chart and calculate the tuition plan that works best for your family.

  • Yearly Tuition – Pay for the year in one payment at time of enrollment
  • By the Month – Pay now for the 1st month, for a total of 10 monthly payments

The following information is required to fill out the form:

  • Student and family contact information
  • Student profile photo
  • Previous school information (and student’s school records, if available)
  • Credit card for payment

Please fill out an enrollment form for each student. Family plan billing will be applied, if multiple children are enrolled.

After completing the form, parents will receive an email to track acceptance status.

In order to start school on time, it is required to enroll before August 20.

Yes, Mid-year enrollment is accepted.


Adult High School Diploma Option


For Either K-12 OR Adult High School Program Enrollments – Use this Form!