Melamed Academy’s educational solutions are different because they are designed for the Torah community, and speak directly to their needs. Take Melamed Academy’s College Degree Program as an example.

Melamed Academy offers an accelerated path towards an accredited BA degree from respected state colleges, utilizing up to 84 credits from Torah proficiency exams. The remainder of the credits can be fulfilled via online courses, college credit exams, and a capstone project.

Melamed’s College program addresses some hurdles facing potential students:

  • No High School Diploma or GED is required
  • Boys & girls can earn college credits during high school for their Torah studies
  • Wide variety of popular lucrative degree majors such as Cyber Security and more
  • Complete in as quickly as 6 months
  • Customized remedial courses in Math, English, Science, and History to address learning gaps, and ready students for college credit exams
  • A custom line of dual credit courses for High School, enabling students to fulfill high school graduation requirements, while earning college credit.
  • Recommendations for course selection and degree planning for students with weak academic backgrounds
  • Very low fees. Entire degree costs as low as $5000! (Additionally, federal tax benefits and financial aid apply for eligible students)
  • Valuable degree, with GPA on transcript for all Torah credits
  • Available to students of all ages, in any location
  • Wide variety of degrees and specializations
  • Career & college guidance, with complete degree map

Melamed Academy Courses Prepare Students for College Credit Exams

High School Students Can Receive Dual Credit

Variety of Courses for Students of All Levels

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