What happens if there isn’t enough enrollment to launch an emerging Torah day school? What are the parents’ options when moving to a kiruv position that doesn’t have in-town chinuch for the older children? How can a community get a girls’ high school off the ground without major overhead costs?

Computer-based courses can be very useful as turn-key solutions replacing the need for specialized teachers providing frontal instruction in every subject. The computer-based lessons walk the student through the learning process, with interaction and practice, making learning fun. It’s like an instant school, ready to go!

Melamed Academy is an online Yeshiva day school offering flexible enrollment options, either as a full-time student or on a single course basis for kindergarten through twelfth grade. This innovative nonprofit school was designed to expand the current options of day schools and families while shrinking their expenses.

As a state-registered school in New Jersey, Melamed Academy provides students in any state with credits transferrable to a continuing high school. Alternatively, students can complete their high school diploma at Melamed Academy over 3-4 years.