Melamed Academy Center Opens to Support Students in Online Learning

The flexibility, variety, and independence of online learning has proven to be an incredible opportunity for so many students in our community, particularly in the past few months.  At the same time, the challenge of creating a supportive communal structure around students who are taking this alternative path in their education can be significant. For that reason, Melamed Academy, a leader in online learning for the Torah community for the past nine years, has established the Melamed Academy Center in East Brunswick, New Jersey, as a place to bring the online learning experience together. 

The Center is designed to allow children to have all the tools they need to succeed in the way that works best for them.  Using an extended virtual educational model, the Melamed Center offers guidance and enrichment to support student’s online learning. The program focuses on the student’s strengths and is designed to help students feel supported in achieving their potential. The flexibility enabled by online learning allows us to build an environment that is safe and accepting of all children as they chart their own unique path. 

The learning center is designed to be a safe, warm, comfortable learning environment that helps enhance the learning experience of each and every student.  The availability of individual workstations and space for group learning and discussions allows for a place for everyone to feel at home and feel the confidence and motivation to succeed. Melamed students will have the opportunity to participate in advisory groups on a regular basis.  Led by Melamed staff, advisory discussions cover a broad range of topics relevant to our students’ lives, including personal well being, relationship building, appreciating achievements, academic progress, and religious growth. The advisor takes a deep interest in each and every child, getting to know their strengths and passions, and giving them every opportunity to maximize their potential. 

Melamed Center students are encouraged to take active roles in their community and to engage in “service based learning” experiences. These can take on all sorts of forms, and students are helped to identify a cause that they are passionate about and given the opportunity to really excel in that area.

In addition to the core curricular courses, Melamed offers dozens of courses in many different areas for students to enroll in and excel at. We believe that the more a child is given opportunities to express his or her innate talents and passions, the more successful they will be overall.  Some of the most important learning experiences that a child can have occur outside of a regular learning environment. We encourage and support our students in participating in jobs and internships as a means of gaining real life skills that will be vital later in life. Students will be given the opportunity to produce projects that display their learning and mastery of their course material. These hands-on, practical experiences allow students to express themselves in fun and creative ways while gaining important skills in teamwork and communication.

Using some of the best online educational material available and a wide variety of options, Melamed students are given many opportunities and resources to be successful in their academic studies in their own way. Melamed graduates go on to institutions of higher learning and/or to get jobs in fields that best suit their unique talents and skills.  


If the Melamed Academy Center sounds like the type of program that will help your child succeed, please contact Melamed Academy office at (732)228-8800  or email .


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